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Fellow Status
Each year the Fellows Committee invites full members of 10 years or more and who have been out in the field 15 years or more to consider applying for Fellow status within ABCT. Visit our Fellows page for the criteria and application information. All materials must be received by Monday, April 2. Members will be informed by September 4. The 2018 ABCT Class of Fellows will be acknowledged at the Friday, November 16 Awards Ceremony in Washington, DC.



Career/Lifetime Achievement
Awarded to members of ABCT in good standing who have made significant contributions over a number of years to cognitive and/or behavior therapy.

Outstanding Contribution by an Individual for Clinical Activities
Awarded to members of ABCT in good standing who have provided significant contributions to clinical work in cognitive and/or behavioral modalities. (This award alternates with the Outstanding Researcher Award and the Outstanding Education/Training Award)

Outstanding Contribution by an Individual for Educational/Training Activities
Awarded to members of ABCT in good standing who have provided significant contributions toward educating and training behavior therapists. (This award alternates with the Outstanding Clinician Award and the Outstanding Researcher Award)

Outstanding Contribution by an Individual for Research Activities
Awarded to members of ABCT in good standing who have provided significant contributions to the literature advancing our knowledge of behavior therapy. (This award alternates with the Outstanding Clinician Award and the Outstanding Education/Training Award)

Mid-Career Innovator
Eligible candidates are members of ABCT in good standing who are at the associate professor level or equivalent midcareer level, and who have made significant innovative contributions to clinical practice or research on cognitive and/or behavioral modalities. (This award alternates with the Outstanding Clinician Award, the Outstanding Education/Training Award, and the Outstanding Researcher Award).

Outstanding Mentor
Awarded to members of ABCT in good standing who have encouraged the clinical and/or academic and professional excellence of psychology graduate students, interns, postphoto, and/or residents. Outstanding mentors are considered those who have provided exceptional guidance to students through leadership, advisement and activities aimed at providing opportunities for professional development, networking and future growth. Appropriate nominators are current or past students of the mentor. (This Award Rotates with Outstanding Training Program Award)

Outstanding Training Program
This award will be given to a training program that has made a significant contribution to training behavior therapists and/or promoting behavior therapy. Training programs can include graduate (doctoral or master's), predoctoral internship, postdoctoral programs, institutes, or continuing education initiatives.

Distinguished Friend to Behavior Therapy
Eligible candidates for this award should NOT be members of ABCT, but are individuals who have promoted the mission of cognitive and/or behavioral work outside of our organization.

Anne Marie Albano Early Career Award for Excellence in the Integration of Science and Practice
The purpose of this award is to recognize early career professionals who share Dr. Albano's core commitments. This award includes a cash prize to support travel to the ABCT Annual Meeting and to sponsor participation in a clinical treatment workshop. Eligibility requirements are as follows: 1) Candidates must be active members of ABCT, 2) New/Early Career Professionals within the first 10 years of receiving his or her doctoral degree (PhD, PsyD, EdD). Preference will be given to applicants with a demonstrated interest in and commitment to child and adolescent mental health care.

Student Dissertation Awards

  • Virginia A. Roswell Student Dissertation Award
  • Leonard Krasner Student Dissertation Award
  • John R. Z. Abela Student Dissertation Award
Each award will be given to one student based on his/her doctoral dissertation proposal. The research should be relevant to behavior therapy. Accompanying this honor will be a monetary award (see above) to be used in support of research (e.g., to pay participants, to purchase testing equipment) and/or to facilitate travel to the ABCT convention. Eligible candidates for this award should be student members who have already had their dissertation proposal approved and are investigating an area of direct relevance to behavior therapy, broadly defined. A student's dissertation mentor may complete the nomination. Self-nominations are also accepted. Nominations must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the dissertation advisor.

Student Travel Award
This award is designed to recognize excellence among our student presenters and to aid in allaying some of the significant travel costs associated with presenting at the convention. Accompanying this honor will be a monetary award ($500) to be used to facilitate travel to the ABCT convention. Nominees must be speaking at the ABCT annual convention as a symposium presenter (i.e., first author on a symposium talk), panel participant, or moderator; student members of ABCT in good standing; enrolled as a student at the time of the convention, including individuals on predoctoral internships but excluding postbaccalaureates. To be eligible, students must first have their symposium or panel submission for this year’s ABCT convention accepted for presentation.

Submissions for the Student Travel Award will be accepted until July 27, 2018

Outstanding Service to ABCT
This award is presented to a person who has actively demonstrated exceptional dedication, persistence, excellence, and rigor regarding the association's operation and activities.

Elsie Ramos Memorial Student Poster Awards
This award is given to student first authors whose posters have been accepted for presentation at ABCT's Annual Convention. The winners each receive an ABCT Student Membership and a complimentary general registration at ABCT's next Annual Convention. To be eligible, students must first have their poster submission for this year's ABCT convention accepted for presentation. Student first authors are then invited to submit for consideration for the award.

Eligible applicants must be student members of ABCT in good standing and enrolled as a student at the time of the convention.

Submissions for the Elsie Ramos Memorial Student Poster Awards will be accepted until July 27, 2018

Other Awards


Career/Lifetime Achievement

1995 Joseph Wolpe

1996 Andrew Salter

1997 Nathan Azrin

1998 Aaron T. Beck

1999 Arnold Lazarus

2000 Cyril Franks

2001 Albert Bandura

2002 Leonard Krasner

2003 Gerald C. Davison

2004 Leonard P. Ullmann

2005 Albert Ellis

2006 Edward B. Blanchard

2007 Steven C. Hayes

2008 David Barlow

2009 Edna B. Foa

2010 G. Alan Marlatt

2011 Antonette M. Zeiss

2012 Alan E. Kazdin

2013 Thomas H. Ollendick

2014 Lauren B. Alloy & Lyn Y. Abramson

2015 David M. Clark

2016 Marsha M. Linehan

2017 Dianne L. Chambless

Outstanding Educator/Trainer

1997 Gerald Davison

2000 Leo Reyna

2003 Harold Leitenberg

2006 Marvin R. Goldfried

2009 Philip C. Kendall

2012 Patricia A. Resick

2016 Christine Maguth Nezu

Outstanding Researcher

1998 Alan Kazdin

1995 Edna Foa

2001 David H. Barlow

2004 Terence M. Keane

2007 Thomas D. Borkovec

2010 Steven D. Hollon

2013 Michelle G. Craske

2017 Jennifer P. Read

Outstanding Clinician

1996 Albert Ellis

1999 Marsha M. Linehan

2002 Marvin R. Goldfried

2005 Frank M. Dattilio

2008 Jacqueline Persons

2011 Judith S. Beck

2015 Anne Marie Albano

Mid-Career Innovator

2014 (in honor of G. Alan Marlatt) Carla Kmett Danielson

Outstanding Service to ABCT

2000 Linda C. Sobell & Mary Ellen Brown, AABT

2001 Dorothy J. Susskind

2002 Barry Lubetkin & Steven T. Fishman

2003 Lizette Peterson-Homer (in memoriam), Richard J. Seime, & Rosemary Park, AABT

2004 Arthur M. Nezu & Mary Jane Eimer, AABT

2005 G. Terence Wilson

2006 All individuals who have served as Secretary-Treasurer for the association

2007 Mitchell L. Schare

2008 Bob Klepac

2009 Arthur Freeman

2010 Gail Steketee, Michael W. Otto, Sabine Wilhelm, Stefan Hofmann, Mary Ellen Brown

2011 George F. Ronan

2012 Laura E. Dreer, Carl V. Indovina, PsyD, and Lynn McFarr (for their hard work on ABCT list-serve development and maintenance

2013 Kelly Koerner

2014 Michael Petronko & Mary Jane Eimer

2015 David A.F. Haaga

2016 Patrick L. Kerr

2017 David DiLillo

Outstanding Mentor

2006 Richard G. Heimberg

2008 G. Terence Wilson

2010 Richard J. McNally

2012 Mitchell J. Prinstein

2014 Bethany Teachman

2016 Evan M. Forman

Outstanding Training Program

1995 University of Mississippi Medical Center/Department of Veterans� Affairs Medical Center (Ronald Drabman, Training Director)

1996 Peter Monti, Brown University

1997 SUNY Stony Brook

1998 University of Georgia

1999 Clinical Psychology Training Programs at Rutgers

2000 VA Palo Alto Health Care System

2001 Clinical Psychology Training Program at West Virginia University

2002 Psychology Internship and Postdoctoral Programs at Wilford Hall Medical Center, Robert K. Klepac, Director of Psychology Training

2003 University of Washington Clinical Ph.D. Program, Robert J. Kohlenberg, Director of Training

2004 SUNY Binghamton, Clinical Psychology Program, Peter Donovick, Director of Training

2005 The May Institute, Walter P. Christian, President and CEO, and Dennis C. Russo, Chief Clinical Officer

2007 Ph.D. Program in Combined Clinical & School Psychology, Mitchell L. Schare, Ph.D., ABPP, Director of Training, Hofstra University

2009 SUNY Albany, Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology (John Forsyth, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Training)

2011 Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School Predoctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology, Sabine Wilhelm, Ph.D., Director, Cognitive Behavior Therapy Program, and Steven A. Safren, Ph.D., Director, Behavioral Medicine Program

2013 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Clinical Psychology Training Program, David J. Hansen, Ph.D., Director

2015 Charleston Consortium Psychology Internship Training Program, Medical University of South Carolina (Co-Directors Dean G. Kilpatrick, Ph.D. and Daniel Smith, Ph.D.)

2017 Clinical Science Ph.D. Program, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (Director, Lee D. Cooper, Ph.D.)

Distinguished Friend to Behavior Therapy

1995 Plenum Press

1996 Daniel Goleman

1997 Anxiety Disorders Association of America

1998 Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation

1999 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

2000 Lisa Simon Onken and Jack David Blaine, NIDA

2001 Jeff Kluger ("What Are You Afraid of?", Time)

2002 Anne Fletcher, (Sober for Good)

2003 John Allen, Chief of the Treatment Research Branch of the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

2004 Nora Volkow, NIDA

2005 Jon Kabat-Zinn, Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society, University of Massachusetts Medical School

2006 Jack Gorman, Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital

2007 Art Dykstra, CEO, Trinity Services

2008 Michael Davis

2009 B. Timothy Walsh, M.D., New York State Psychiatric Institute

2010 Paul Ekman, Ph.D., Paul Ekman Group, LLC

2011 The Honorable Erik K. Shinseki, Secretary, Department of Veterans Affairs

2012 Michael Gelder, M.D., FRCPsych, University of Oxford, UK

2013 Mark S. Bauer, M.D., VA Boston Healthcare System

2014 Vikram Patel, FMedSci, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

2015 Benedict Carey, New York Times

2016 Patrick J. Kennedy

Anne Marie Albano Early Career Award for Excellence in the Integration of Science and Practice

2016 Nicole Caporino

2017 Carmen P. McLean

President's New Researcher

1979 Dianne Chambless

1980 J. Kelly

1981 Linda Craighead

1982 William Thrash

1983 Karen Bierman

1984 Edward Konarski, Jr.

1985 Janet St. Lawrence

1986 Thomas Wadden

1987 Richard Ingram

1988 Michael Carey

1989 K. Perkins

1990 Deborah Beidel

1991 Ernest Jouriles

1992 David Haaga

1994 Thomas Bradbury

1995 Steven Taylor

1996 Brian Cox

1997 Lynn Rankin-Esquer

1998 Michael Addis

1999 Diane L. Spangler

2000 Beth A. Kotchick and Lindsey L. Cohen

2001 Page Anderson

2002 Allison Harvey

2003 John R. Z. Abela

2004 Michael Zvolensky

2005 C. W. Lejuez (honorable mention: Matthew Nock)

2006 Christopher Beevers

2007 Jasper Smits

2008 Matthew Nock

2009 Bunmi Olatunji

2010 Matthew T. Tull

2011 Andres De Los Reyes

2012 Jonathan Comer

2013 Jesse Cougle

2014 Michael D. Anestis

2015 Rinad S. Beidas

2016 Cara C. Lewis

2017 Christian A. Webb

Student Dissertation Award

1995 Daniel Edwards, University of Florida

1996 John P. Forsyth, West Virginia University

1997 Giao Tran, American University

1998 Melissa Polusny, Mankato State University

1999 Amy Wenzel, University of Iowa; Elizabeth T. Miller, University of Washington

2000 Natalie Walders, Case Western University

Virginia Roswell Dissertation

2001 Jill T. Levitt, Boston University

2002 Sudie Back, University of Georgia

2003 Elizabeth M. Podniesinski, Boston University

2004 James MacKillop, SUNY Binghamton

2005 Sharon L. Cohan, San Diego State University

2006 Michael P. Twohig, University of Nevada

2007 Laura Allen

2008 Marina A. Bornovalova

2009 Diane Logan

2010 Margaret Sibley

2011 Katherine J. W. Baucom

2012 Caroline Oppenheimer

2013 Kaitlin P. Gallo

2014 Anahi Collado

2015 Danielle E. MacDonald

2016 Emily Georgia

2017 Maria Alexandra Kredlow

Leonard Krasner Student Dissertation

2009 Michael D. Anestis

2010 Shari Steinman

2011 Christian Webb

2012 Johanna Thompson-Hollands

2013 Sarah Royal

2014 Samantha Moshier

2015 Lauren E. Szkodny

2016 Tomislav Damir Zbozinek

2017 Shannon Blakey

John R. Z. Abela Student Dissertation

2011 Katie C. Hart

2012 Amanda S. Morrison

2014 Mei Yi Ng

2016 Faith Orchard

2017 Carolyn Spiro

Student Travel Award

2013 Gillian Alcolado

2014 Karen Guan

2015 Amy Kranzler

2016 Skye S. Fitzpatrick

2017 Dev Crasta

Graduate Student Research Grant

2014 Ryan Jacoby, "A Translational Study of the Mechanisms of Exposure Therapy for Obsessions: Fear Tolerance vs. Habituation"

2015 Timothy Ritzert, "Transforming Fear: The Impact of Brief Values-Based Interventions on Approach Behavior in a Spider-Fearful Sample"

2016 Lauren Forrest, "Examining Objective Interoception as a Novel Prospective Predictor of Self-Injurious Behaviors"

Honorable mentions: Casey May, "Reward Processing and Decision-Making in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)" & Rebecca Cox, "Sleep Restriction and OC Symptoms: The Mediating Role of Inhibition"

2017 Hannah Lawrence, "Physiological and Affective Correlates of Visual and Verbal Rumination in Adolescence"

Honorable Mention: Amanda Sanchez, "Cultural, Attitudinal and Stress-Related Barriers to Engagement With Internet-Delivered Services in Traditionally Underserved Children"




President's New Researcher Award

This award is solicited by the current ABCT President and is judged by the President, Past President, and incoming President of the Association. The award will be based upon an early program of research that reflects factors such as: consistency with the mission of ABCT; independent work published in high-impact journals; and promise of developing theoretical or practical applications that represent clear advances to the field While nominations consistent with the conference theme are particularly encouraged, submissions will be accepted on any topic relevant to cognitive behavior therapy, including but not limited to topics such as the development and testing of models, innovative practices, technical solutions novel venues for service delivery, and new applications of well-established psychological principles. Submissions must include one paper copy of both the paper and the author's vita and supporting letters (if the latter are included) and an email to: Eligible papers must (a) be authored by an ABCT member with five years or less posttraining experience (e.g., post-Ph.D. or post-residency); and (b) have been published in the last two years or currently be in press. The winner receives a certificate and a cash prize of $500.

Submission deadline: August 1, 2018

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