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Abstract Submissions FAQ

Question: What is the maximum number of presenters for Symposium no matter what they are doing?

Answer: You are limited to 8 which should include 1 or 2 chairs, 1 discussant, and 3 to 5 paper presenters. All 3 roles are required. (For example, there can be a maximum of 5 paper presenters, 2 chairs and 1 discussant to keep the overall maximum at 8.)

Question: What is the maximum number of participants for a Panel Discussion?

Answer: A total of 7 which should include 1 moderator and 6 panelists. If you need to have 2 moderators, you must decrease the number of panelists to keep the overall maximum at 7.

Question: What is the maximum number of participants for a Clinical Round Table?

Answer: A total of 7 which should include 2 moderators and 5 presenters with a maximum of 7.

Question: When is the deadline for abstract submissions?

Answer: 11:59 PM EST, Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Question: Will the ABCT Program Chair accept encore presentations? i.e. abstracts previously presented and/or published?

Answer: No

Question: Financial Disclosure – the author/presenter is not available. What do I do?

Answer: The submitter can complete the disclosure form on their behalf and update as needed after the deadline date. We will give them access to make revisions.

Question: Can I enter more than one primary author for Poster Submissions?

Answer: No, you can only enter in one primary author. However, you can add additional as co-Authors using the co-author title.

Question: Where will the accepted abstracts be published? i.e. website, journal, conference program, USB, etc.

Answer: The abstracts are available through the ABCT Convention itinerary planner, the ABCT website and the Convention App approximately one month prior to the Convention.

Question: How many attendees are expected to attend the Convention in San Diego?

Answer: We anticipate approximately 3,200 to 3,500 attendees.

Question: Can you be a speaker/chair/discussant on more than 4 abstract submissions?

Answer: No. The term Speaker includes roles of chair, discussant, moderator, panelist and presenter. Acceptances for any given speaker will be limited to 4.

Questions: Can a SIG sponsor a submission?

Answer: Yes, each SIG is permitted up to two sponsored submissions.

Question: Can an abstract that has already been submitted and/or accepted at another Convention/Conference be submitted for the ABCT Convention?

Answer: No, it is our policy not to accept previously submitted abstracts.

Question: Who is eligible to submit an abstract and who can attend the Annual Convention?

Answer: ABCT welcomes abstract submissions from both members and non-members. Members and non-member are welcome to attend the convention.

Question: How do I "withdraw" my submission, if I decided not to submit?

Answer: To withdraw, click on "submission status" located under the submission type, and then change from active to withdrawn at the bottom of the Submission Settings page. You must then click Update Submission.

Question: Does the character count refer to with or without spaces counting as characters?

Answer: The character counts include spaces:

  • Symposia – 13,800 characters; summary abstract – 2800 characters; presentation abstract – 2200 characters
  • Research Spotlight Presentations, Panel Discussion, Clinical Round Table – 1950 characters
  • Poster Sessions - 2800 characters

Question: What is the abstract review criteria?

Answer: Abstracts are reviewed based on several criteria including quality, clarity, relevance to ABCT’s priorities, relevance to the Convention theme, potential contribution to the field, integration of research, research design and analyses, and SIG sponsorship. Given the large number of high quality submissions across submission types, acceptance decisions are difficult. Please note that decisions to accept/reject submissions are not solely based on Reviewers’ ratings. The Program Chair and Committee will consider the full portfolio of the program to ensure diversity of content and presenters when finalizing decisions.

Question: How do I contact Cadmium or ABCT for assistance?

Answer: For all log-in problems or technical questions, please contact Cadmium Helpdesk ( or call (410) 638.9239 any time between 9am - 6pm EST. If you have any policy questions related to the ABCT Annual Convention, please contact ABCT at (212) 647-1890 or email to

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