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Preparing to Submit an Abstract

The ABCT Convention is designed for scientists, practitioners, students, and scholars who come from a broad range of disciplines. The central goal is to provide educational experiences related to behavioral and cognitive therapies that meet the needs of attendees across experience levels, interest areas, and behavioral and cognitive theoretical orientations. Some presentations offer the chance to learn what is new and exciting in behavioral and cognitive assessment and treatment. Other presentations address the clinical-scientific issues of how we develop empirical support for our work. The convention also provides opportunities for professional networking. The ABCT Convention consists of General Sessions, Targeted and Special Programing, and Ticketed Events.

See the review criteria and sample abstracts below.

ABCT uses the Cadmium Scorecard system for the submission of general session events. The step-by-step instructions are easily accessed from the ABCT home page. An individual must LIMIT TO 6 the number of general session submissions in which he or she is a SPEAKER (including symposia, panel discussions, clinical round tables, and research spotlights). The term SPEAKER includes roles of chair, moderator, presenter, panelist, and discussant. Acceptances for any given speaker will be limited to 4. As you prepare your submission, please keep in mind:

  • Presentation type: Please see below for descriptions of the various presentation types.

  • Number of presenters/papers: For Symposia, please have a minimum of four presenters ("presenters" include chair(s), papers, and discussant). Symposia may include one or two chairs, but must include only one discussant and between three and five papers. The chair may present a paper, but the discussant may not, keeping the overall maximum at 8. For Panel Discussions and Clinical Round Tables, please have one or two moderator(s) and between three to six panelists, keeping the overall maximum at 7.

  • Title: Be succinct.

  • Authors/Presenters: Be sure to indicate the appropriate order. Please ask all authors whether they prefer their middle initial used or not. Please ask all authors their ABCT membership status: possibilities are current full member; lapsed member or nonmember; postbaccalaureate; student member; student nonmember; new professional; associate member; emeritus. For Symposia, in the first "Authors" section of the submission portal, only list the names of the chair(s), paper presenters, and discussant. In the "Individual Abstracts" section, list the names of the co-authors on each paper presentation (using the "Authors" subsection of "Individual Abstracts").

  • Affiliations: The system requires that you enter affiliations before clicking on the button to “Save Authors”. DO NOT LIST DEPARTMENTS. In the following step you will be asked to attach affiliations with appropriate authors.

  • Key Words: Please read carefully through the pull-down menu and use one of the existing keywords.

  • Goals: For Symposia, Panel Discussions, and Clinical Round Tables, write three statements of no more than 125 characters each, describing the goals of the event. Sample statements are: "Described a variety of dissemination strategies pertaining to the treatment of insomnia"; "Presented data on novel direction in the dissemination of mindfulness-based clinical interventions.

Overall: Ask a colleague to proof your abstract for inconsistencies or typos.

Review Criteria

Abstracts are reviewed based on several criteria including quality, clarity, relevance to ABCT’s priorities, relevance to the Convention theme, potential contribution to the field, integration of research, research design and analyses, and SIG sponsorship. Given the large number of high quality submissions across submission types, acceptance decisions are difficult. Please note that decisions to accept/reject submissions are not solely based on Reviewers’ ratings. The Program Chair and Committee will consider the full portfolio of the program to ensure diversity of content and presenters when finalizing decisions.

Sample Abstracts

Example Abstract: Clinical Round Table
Example Abstract: Spotlight Research Presentations
Example Abstract: Panel Discussion
Example Abstract: Symposium
Example Abstract: Poster

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