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As a service to both members and non-members, ABCT maintains a growing library of videos from several different series for purchase. Please click on the content areas below to learn more.



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ABCT makes Podcasts available to visitors of this website to help demonstrate clinical techniques and to illustrate behavioral and cognitive therapies. These podcasts can be used to learn more about CBT, and to help teach CBT.

Michael Hickey explains how OCD affects people and how one can go about getting treatment.

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Ray DiGiuseppe talks about the history of ADHD and where to find help.

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Confronting School Refusal
Jonathan Dalton explains why kids avoid school and what can be done to help them. He says: "We don't treat anxiety; we treat avoidance." My favorite line is "Courage is what you do, not what you feel."

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ABCT has captured 64 sessions from the convention.
All people who attended the 45th annual ABCT Convention in Toronto as general registrants can take advantage of a special benefit.
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"Deb Hope, in her presidential address, confronts the effect of gender in studies and the real world." Viewers can see Dr. Hope, her slides, or both. Audio, video and the PowerPoint slides are available. Click the icons under "Views" in the upper right to toggle between them. Click on the third icon titled 'contract screen' to see both video and related slides; click on the other two icons to see slides only or Dr. Hope only. Watch Video read more

Anne Marie Albano explains how to get involved with ABCT. Collaborations happen at ABCT, from students to presidents.
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An excerpt from: Clinical Grand Rounds: Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and the Prevention of Depression. J. Mark G. Williams, University of Oxford. Presented at the ABCT Conference, 2007
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Social Phobias.
Deb Beidel discusses Social Phobias and how CBT can help sufferers.
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Specific phobias are common in children, but parents are often unsure of when or where to seek treatment. Dr. Thomas Ollendick of Virginia Tech, interviewed here by Dr. Susan White, discusses evidence-based treatment options for childhood phobias, suggestions for parents, and tips for determining if a fear is age-appropriate or indicative of a phobia that requires intervention. He also provides up-to-date information on the state of treatment research in this area for clinicians.
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Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Suicide in Children and Adolescents
Click here to learn how identify the signs that your child might be considering suicide or self-injury. There are ways to see who is most vulnerable; and strategies to help.
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Presidential Addresses

Gail Steketee

2017 Presidential Address

Advancing CBT Research and Practice for Hoarding read more

Michelle G. Craske

2016 Presidential Address

Honoring the Past, Envisioning the Future read more

Jon Abramowitz

2015 Presidential Address

Are the Obsessive-Compulsive-Related Disorders Related to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder? A Critical Look at DSM-5's New Category read more

Dean McKay

2014 Presidential Address

Embracing the Repulsive: The Case for Disgust as a Functionally Central Emotional State in the Theory, Practice, and Dissemination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy read more

Stefan G. Hofmann

2013 Presidential Address

The Future of CBT in the Age of DSM-5 read more

Robert Klepac

2012 Presidential Address

CBT and ABCT: Continuing the Progress Reflected in a Short and Remarkable Past read more

Clinical Grand Rounds

Our Clinical Grand Rounds series feature internationally renowned master clinicians at work solving the most challenging problems therapists encounter. Take advantage of the videos listed below to observe live clinical interviews with mock clients. Treatment conceptualization and implementation are highlighted. Ideally suited for both individual and classroom learning, these 1 ½ hour tapes show the "how-to" that defines good therapy.

Presidential Panels

In order to commemorate its 40th anniversary in 2006, ABCT convened an unprecedented series of presidential panels. Each of these videos captures rare and fascinating exchanges between past presidents of the association as they chronicle the critical issues that have faced ABCT and the field over the years. Please click on each of the links below for a synopsis of each presidential panel as well as for purchasing information.

Clinical Assessment Series

The ABCT Clinical Assessment Series, a unique collaboration between ABCT and Springer Publishing, aims to streamline the lives of both practitioners and researchers... at a substantial discount. The handy yet comprehensive guides listed below make assessment more systematic, convenient, and completely up-to-date. Each guide focuses on key clinical areas and offers organized, readily accessible information on the specifics of individual measures, as well as invaluable comparisons of instruments.

Psychotherapy.Net Partnership

Single-User Subscriptions -

Psychotherapy articles, videos, interviews with master psychotherapists, continuing education, psychotherapy humor and other professional resources for psychotherapists....

ABCT continues its partnership with, now offering multiple ways to learn from leaders in CBT.

First, there are two subscription plans at :

  • (a) Choice Plan (2-Video-per-Month): Subscribers choose two new videos per month to add to your personal video library. These will remain accessible to you in your library as long as you maintain your subscription. Price will be $39/per month, with a 6 month commitment.
  • (b) Unlimited Plan: Subscribers have unlimited access to all our videos (currently 220 titles, and growing). Price will $79/month, with a 6 month commitment.
  • ABCT members enjoy an introductory 25% discount on these subscriptions for the first 6 months, bringing the subscription price down to $29.25 per month for the Choice Plan, and $59.25 per month for the Unlimited Plan. Just type the promotional code unique to ABCT members (SUBACT15) when you order a subscription to obtain the discount.

Or stream individual sessions. Choose from these titles, and more:

Finally, there's a series, Perspectives in Behavior Therapy , which includes 8 of these influential therapists.

All come with CE credit, so you earn while you learn

ABCT has entered into a partnership with Psychotherapy.Net in which they present online videos of important leaders in BT, CT, CBT, and the full gamut of empirically based treatment. Proceeds from downloads of these sessions are shared between the two organizations. The expanding list currently includes five of the earliest luminaries captured on tape.



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All people who attended the 45th annual ABCT Convention in Toronto as general registrants can take advantage of a special benefit. We captured 64 different sessions at the convention, recording the speakers and their slides. These synched presentations are available, free, to all who registered for the convention. We know you can’t attend everything; you can’t even attend everything in your specialty. To help you get the most out of the convention, attendees can here read more and view any of the captured sessions. You’ll see a panel, and for complete instructions on logging in for the first time, click on “instructions” on the left hand side. Once in, most computers will allow you to stay registered and stay logged in, allowing you to bypass this step. Use the unique number sent to you in a broadcast email.

Those who didn’t attend the convention can take advantage of this, too. We make these sessions available with attractive pricing (even more attractive to members) and you can choose to view one, a series, or the entire collection.

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