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New Articles in Press, 29 September

Sleep-Related Problems in Paediatric Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder and Intensive Exposure Therapy
Original Research Article
Available online 28 September 2018
Natalja A. Nabinger de Diaz, Lara J. Farrell, Allison M. Waters, Caroline Donovan, Harry W. McConnell

New Articles in Press, 22 September

Examining the effects of exercise on pattern separation and the moderating effects of mood symptoms
Original Research Article
Available online 21 September 2018
Emily E. Bernstein, Richard J. McNally

Cognitive And Behavioral Differences Between Subtypes In Refractory Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Original Research Article
Available online 21 September 2018
Sula Windgassen, Rona Moss-Morris, Hazel Everitt, Alice Sibelli, Kimberley Goldsmith, Trudie Chalder

Testing an app-assisted treatment for suicide prevention in a randomized controlled trial: Effects on suicide risk and depression
Original Research Article
Available online 30 July 2018
Mia Skytte O'Toole, Mikkel B. Arendt, Christian M. Pedersen

Self-Criticism Impacts Emotional Responses to Pain
Original Research Article
Available online 1 August 2018
Kathryn R. Fox, Isabel M. O'Sullivan, Shirley B. Wang, Jill M. Hooley

I did OK, but did I Like it? Using Ecological Momentary Assessment to Examine Perceptions of Social Interactions Associated With Severity of Social Anxiety and Depression
Original Research Article
Available online 3 August 2018
Emily C. Geyer, Karl C. Fua, Katharine E. Daniel, Philip I. Chow, Wes Bonelli, Yu Huang, Laura E. Barnes, Bethany A. Teachman

The Struggle of Behavioral Therapists With Exposure: Self-Reported Practicability, Negative Beliefs, and Therapist Distress About Exposure-Based Interventions
Original Research Article
Available online 3 August 2018
Andre Pittig, Roxana Kotter, Jürgen Hoyer


Modular Treatment for Children and Adolescents With Problematic School Absenteeism: Development and Description of a Program in Germany
Original Research Article
Available online 31 July 2018
Volker Reissner, Martin Knollmann, Svenja Spie, Diana Jost, Anja Neumann, Johannes Hebebrand

An Intensive Outpatient Program for Veterans With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury
Original Research Article
Available online 3 August 2018
Margaret M. Harvey, Timothy J. Petersen, Julia C. Sager, Nita J. Makhija-Graham, Edward C. Wright, Erika L. Clark, Lauren M. Laifer, Lauren K. Richards, Louis K. Chow, Louisa G. Sylvia, René M. Lento, Laura K. Harward, Joan Clowes, Valerie Brathwaite, Laura K. Lakin, Noah D. Silverberg, Grant L. Iverson, Eric Bui, Naomi M. Simon

Development and Pilot Evaluation of Smartphone-Delivered Cognitive Behavior Therapy Strategies for Mood- and Anxiety-Related Problems: MoodMission
Original Research Article
Available online 3 August 2018
David Bakker, Nikolaos Kazantzis, Debra Rickwood, Nikki Rickard

Improving Young Male Couples' Sexual and Relationship Health in the 2GETHER Program: Intervention Techniques, Environments of Care, and Societal Considerations
Original Research Article
Available online 4 August 2018
Kathryn Macapagal, Brian A. Feinstein, Jae A. Puckett, Michael E. Newcomb

Antidepressant Medication: Is It a Viable and Valuable Adjunct to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for School Refusal?
Original Research Article
Available online 4 August 2018
Glenn A. Melvin, Michael S. Gordon


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