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Convention 2019

New articles available on ScienceDirect

New Articles in Press, 11 April

Trans Collaborations Clinical Check-In (TC3): Initial Validation of a Clinical Measure for Transgender and Gender Diverse Adults Receiving Psychological Services

Available Online 11 April 2019

Natalie R. Holt, Terrence Z. Huit, Grant P. Shulman, Jane L. Meza, Jolene D. Smyth, Nathan Woodruff, Richard Mocarski, Jae A. Puckett, Debra A. Hope


New articles available on ScienceDirect

New Articles in Press, 14 March

Supporting Grass Roots Implementation of an Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Through a Virtual Community of Practice: A Case Example in the Department of Veterans Affairs

Available Online 14 March 2019

Sara J. Landes, Brandy N. Smith, Kenneth R. Weingardt

Brief Intervention to Reduce Problem Drinking in College Students With ADHD

Available Online 14 March 2019

John M. Vasko, Michael C. Meinzer, James G. Murphy, Lauren E. Oddo, Katherine L. McCauley, Mary E. Rooney, Carl W. Lejuez, Andrea Chronis-Tuscano

Development and Implementation of a Multicultural Consultation Service Within an Academic Medical Center

Available Online 14 March 2019

Gabriela A. Nagy, Kelly LeMaire, Melissa L. Miller, Marissa Howard, Kristin Wyatt, Noga Zerubavel

Multimedia Field Test: Can Users Strike Out OCD With the NOCD App?

Available Online 14 March 2019

Natalie Hong, Amanda L. Sanchez, Jonathan S. Comer

Tailoring Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Trauma-Exposed Persons Living With HIV

Available Online 14 March 2019

Cristina M. López, Christine K. Hahn, Amanda K. Gilmore, Carla Kmett Danielson

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