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Convention 2019

Call for Candidates for Editor of Behavior Therapy

Candidates are sought for Editor-Elect of Behavior Therapy, volumes 53 - 56. The official term for the Editor is January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2025, but the Editor-Elect should be prepared to begin handling manuscripts at least 1 year prior.

Candidates should send a letter of intent and a copy of their CV to Michelle Newman, Publications Coordinator, ABCT, 305 Seventh Avenue, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10001-6008 or via email to

Candidates will be asked to prepare a vision letter in support of their candidacy. David Teisler, ABCT's Director of Communications, will provide you with more details at the appropriate time. Letters of support or recommendation are discouraged. However, candidates should have secured the support of their institution.

Questions about the responsibilities and duties of the Editor or about the selection process can be directed to David Teisler at the above email address or, by phone, at (212) 647.1890.

Letters of intent MUST BE RECEIVED BY October 15, 2019. Vision letters will be required by October 31, 2019. The Editor will be selected at ABCT's Board of Directors meeting in November.


New Articles in Press, 24 August

Implementation of a Trauma-Specific, Evidence-Informed Treatment for Adolescents: Two Cases Highlighting How to and How Not to Integrate

Available Online 24 August 2019

Chelsea N. Grefe, Elissa J. Brown, Colleen Lang, Komal Sharma-Patel

Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Motivational Interviewing: Conceptual Convergence, Compatibility, and Strategies for Integration

Available Online 01 August 2019

Erin A. Kaufman, Antoine Douaihy, Tina R. Goldstein

SPECIAL SERIES Behavioral Assessment in DBT

Available Online 31 July 2019

Jennifer H.R. Sayrs, Shireen L. Rizvi

Implementing Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Training With at-Risk Male Youth in a Military-Style Residential Program

Available Online 29 July 2019

Joye C. Anestis, Nora E. Charles, Lauren M. Lee-Rowland, Christopher T. Barry, Kim L. Gratz

Peer-Enhanced Exposure Therapy (PEET): A Case Study Series

Available Online 26 July 2019

J. Irene Harris, Thad Q. Strom, Shaili Jain, Timothy Doble, Holly Raisl, Natalie Hundt, Melissa Polusny, David M. Fink, Christopher Erbes

Harnessing Psychology and Technology to Contribute to Making Health care a Universal Human Right

Available Online 26 July 2019

Ricardo F. Muñoz

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