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April = ABCT's annual election of officers and any bylaws changes required!

To give you a "heads up," we have posted the candidates running for office along with the proposed changes to ABCT's mission statement and purposes.

If you are a full member or a new member professional, you will receive an email Sunday, April 1, with your unique ABCT username and password so you can add it to the VoteNet system and vote. Voting is simple and necessary for a vital organization. We hope you will take advantage to have a say in your leadership and bylaws.

Effort was made to alert you through our website, the list serve, and the February issue of the Behavior Therapist that this year we only have one candidate running for President Elect. No self nominations were received and the Leadership and Elections Committee did their due diligence by reaching out to senior members, and there were no takers. The Board was informed and it was agreed to have the membership vote or write in a candidate's name. This is not an ideal situation. However, indicators of a healthy organization point that ABCT is meeting the needs of its members. We do have the sufficient number of candidates running for Representative-at-Large (2018-21), who will serve as the liaison to Convention and Education Issues, and for the Secretary-Treasurer (2019-22).

In an effort to embrace one aspect of ABCT's strategic initiative-our commitment to globalization-the Board of Directors is recommending a change to our mission statement and purposes.

To see an overview of ABCT's 2017-2020 Strategic Plan, please visit our website,, under About ABCT, and click on the Strategic Plan read more

Please read the materials. They will also be available on the VoteNet site when the polls open, Sunday, April 1. You have until Monday, April 30 at 11:59 p.m. EST to cast your vote. Thank you.

To see the candidates, click here read more

To see the proposed changes to the Bylaws, click here read more

To vote, go to VoteNet read more



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