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Convention 2019

Nomination acknowledges an individual's leadership abilities and dedication to behavior therapy and/or cognitive therapy, empirically supported science, and to ABCT. When completing the nomination form, please take into consideration that these individuals will be entrusted to represent the interests of ABCT members in important policy decisions in the coming years.

Only full and new member professionals can nominate candidates. Contact the Leadership and Elections Chair for more information about serving ABCT or to get more information on the positions. Candidates for the position of President-Elect shall ensure that during his/her term as President–Elect and President of the ABCT, the officer shall not serve as President of a competing or complementary professional organization during these terms of office; and the candidate can ensure that their work on other professional boards will not interfere with their responsibilities to ABCT during the presidential cycle. Please complete and sign this nomination form.

Only those nomination forms bearing a postmark on or before September 3, 2019, will be counted.

Send your form to Patricia DiBartolo, Ph.D., Leadership & Elections Chair, ABCT, 305 Seventh Ave., New York, NY 10001 by Sept. 3, 2019. Or email to (Subject line: Nominations)

Nomination form


"Expanding the Tent": Looking for the Next Generation of ABCT Leadership in 2020

Patricia Marten DiBartolo, Chair, Leadership and Elections Committee

Everywhere i turn recently, it seems that institutions and organizations have been talking about the importance of advancing science in order to address society’s challenges. Given ABCt’s mission to foster human well-being through evidence-based principles, i imagine this mindset resonates with you as it does with me.

Indeed, compelling data show that effective discovery and creative problem-solving require a multitude of backgrounds and perspectives. Good science must necessarily be diverse and inclusive in order to tackle today’s problems. the same can be said for strong organizations like ABCt that work to tackle complicated matters.

Every year, ABCt’s Leadership and elections Committee works hard to shepherd our elections with an exciting slate of candidates. Our goal for the slate is to represent the diverse and dedicated membership of the organization. we encourage individuals with diverse backgrounds to run. On the committee, we view diversity in a variety of ways—from discipline to geographic region, career stage to gender, clinical speciality to race and ethnicity. in this way, we seek to propel one of ABCt’s central strategic initiatives: to “expand the tent” of those who feel they belong to our community.

One measure of whether we have hit our mark as a committee is the percentage of members who cast votes in the election. we continually strategize about how to increase rates of membership participation in the voting process and are excited to introduce a change to the timing of our election in this year’s cycle with that goal in mind. in 2019, the election will run in the fall, overlapping with the annual convention. Look for on-site opportunities to exercise your right to vote in Atlanta.

So, as ABCt gears up for our 2020 election, we ask you to consider: where is the talent we’re missing? what about you? what about now?

For the upcoming 2020 election, we seek nominations for ABCt’s next President-elect (2020–21; President, 2021–22; immediate Past President, 2022–23) and for a representativeat- Large (rAL; 2020–23). each rAL serves as a liaison to one of the governing branches of the association. the representative position open for 2020 will connect and coordinate with the Membership issues Coordinator and committees. the bylaws of the organization require two candidates for the position of President-elect and three for the position of representativeat- Large. you can nominate any full member in good standing in the organization and there is no limit to the number of nominees you can put forward for any position. Candidates with the most nominations will be the only official names on the ballot once voting commences.

Membership on the Leadership and elections Committee, approved by ABCt’s Board of Directors, includes a chair and two members. we would like to take this opportunity to thank David Pantalone, from the university of Massachusetts Boston, for his thoughtful leadership of the committee for the previous 3 years. the incoming Chair, Patricia DiBartolo (, from Smith College, has served on the committee since 2016. Kristen Lindgren, of the university of washington School of Medicine, is a continuing member (, and we welcome to our committee L. Kevin Chapman (, who has a private practice in the Louisville, Ky, area. Any one of us, as well as ABCt’s executive Director, Mary Jane eimer (, would be happy to answer your questions and encourage your involvement in the organization.

For many of us, ABCt is an intellectual home. we relish its annual convention and feel like we belong, both professionally and personally. if this describes your relationship with ABCT, then this call is definitely for you. nominate and then vote in november 2019. even if it does not, this call is definitely for you as well. Let’s all work together to “expand the tent” and realize the organization’s loftiest goals: to enhance and promote human health and wellness. we look forward to hearing from you, in the voting “booth” and outside it, to know whether you feel we’re achieving success.



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