CBT Pioneers

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CBT Pioneers

CBT is already a mature field, often being the approach someone seeking treatment specifically names, and a young enough field to still have many of the first influential thinkers, researchers, and practitioners among us. We are thus blessed with the ability to ask them about themselves and their approach to the problems that confront many of us. Imagine a world where we got to listen to Darwin outside the Royal Society or to the Wright brothers, and you'll get a sense of the important of these sessions, and the treat they are to so many of us.

Meet our CBT Pioneers....

Andrew Christensen

Andrew recounts his interesting path from deep South chicken-farming family to Southern California researcher, therapist, and innovator. From "practice dating" and family systems, he's moved to couples' conflict and couples' intervention, studying the push-pull patterns and the roles the partners take. With the late Neil Jacobson, he developed Integrated Couple Behavior Therapy that focuses on understanding broad patterns, causal analysis, and behavioral change and, especially, emotional acceptance.

Esther Deblinger

Esther Deblinger shares her personal and professional journey choosing a career in clinical psychology and focusing her research on helping children and families overcome adversity. Her research in collaboration with colleagues not only led to highly effective evidence-based treatments that are utilized worldwide, but her academic pursuits deepened her understanding of the impact of childhood trauma on her own parents. Her training, research and service efforts continue to be inspired by the resilience she has seen in her parents as well as the many children and families with whom she has worked.

Steve Hayes

Perhaps most famous for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Hayes is equally passionate about social justice and societal concerns and his hope that psychology can leave the protocols behind and focus on the competencies.

When asked about dissemination, he said he hates the word and hates the very idea. We shouldn't be telling, or showing, he says, but, instead, creating a safe space in which we welcome all to talk about their perspectives before talking about ours. At the same time, Hayes relishes the work of Ronan and Klepac's Organizational Task Force and wishes we were banging the drums more loudly about their findings.

Art Nezu and Christine Maguth Nezu

Art and Chris have done outstanding work in developing problem solving approaches and specialty competencies in psychology, as well as promoting multiculturalism and diversity within the field. Listen as they discuss early days in art, theatre, and social activism through their fortune telling for the field.

Listen to Judy Beck as the teacher comes full circle, returning to her roots. It includes fascinating insights, especially a discussion of the principles and fidelity inherent in manuals and the need to conceptualize the patient's individual needs.

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Transdiagnostic Therapy

David Barlow explores a new approach to therapy: Transdiagnostic Therapeutic Elements that would be applicable across a range of disorders. Watch as he tells us more.

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TEAM Therapy

David Burns explores his approach to a patient-focused approach to therapy.

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Phil Kendall, Ph.D.



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