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Convention 2020
"I recall being an intern and going to supervision every week wanting to try some new intervention. I expected my clients to respond immediately to any intervention I used and if they did not improve right away, I wanted to change the treatment plan. I always thought that I had good rationales for my new plans. My supervisor at the time, Howard Kassinove, told me that I had to stick to a treatment plan for 10 weeks before I could change it. In supervision, I could discuss how I implemented the plan and the techniques, but he would not entertain any changes until I stuck with the plan for a period of ten weeks. My clients did improve more than when I jumped from plan to plan This advice helped me remain on task and follow through with a plan. It also helped me have more realistic interventions concerning how fast change occurs. I think about it often and pass it forward to my supervisees."

Contributor: Raymond DiGiuseppe



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Executive Director: Mary Jane Eimer, CAE
Responsible for running the ABCT Central Office, prepares financial reports, responsible for strategic planning and governance, works with Board of Directors and governing structure at all levels. Staff liaison to the Finance Committee, Leadership & Elections, Fellows Committee, Awards & Recognition, and International Associates.

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Senior ExecutiveAssistant, Exhibits Manager, and Convention Registrar: Tonya Childers
Responsible for processing dues statements and convention pre-registration. Serves as Exhibitor Manager and Convention Registrar. Responsible for continuing education certificates.

Managing Editor/Advertising Manager: Stephanie Schwartz
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