ABCT is proud to announce the 2021 convention theme of Championing CBT: Promoting Cognitive and Behavioral Practice and Science in the Context of Public Health, Social Justice, Policy, Research, Practice, and Training

Sometimes it can feel like swimming against a strong current when advocating for cognitive and behavioral science and practice (i.e., henceforth, "CBT") outside of our close professional circles. The international landscape of mental health prevention, intervention, and training is replete with alternative theories, practices, and interests. The 2021 Annual Convention will place a spotlight on success stories, trials, and lessons learned related to promoting CBT and differentiating it from the other mental health worldviews. In doing so, the ABCT community will come together for a rich discussion that facilitates a core component of the organization's mission to facilitate "the global application of behavioral, cognitive, and biological evidence-based principles." Examples of topics consistent with this theme include, but are not limited to, the following (in no particular order):

  • Advocating for the value of CBT in the priorities of major funding agencies and organizations (e.g., importance of promoting cognitive and behavioral science within the NIMH RDoC framework).
  • Providing a platform for CBT in the context of social justice (e.g., using cognitive and behavioral science and practice to affect change in prejudice and stigma).
  • Encouraging CBT with policymakers to enhance public health through science and practice (e.g., adopting cognitive and behavioral science and practice to reduce unhealthy behaviors, like smoking).
  • Promoting CBT priorities in the training of the mental health researchers and practitioners of tomorrow (e.g., encouraging CBT principles as part of establishing training competencies and standards).
  • Educating the public about CBT on social media and other public-facing platforms (e.g., impacting public perception of CBT via #CBTWorks).
  • Supporting dissemination and implementation of CBT (e.g., integrating CBT principles in a population-level health initiative or system).

Submissions may be in the form of symposia, clinical round tables, panel discussions, and posters. Information about the convention and how to submit abstracts will be on ABCT's website,, after January 1, 2021. The online submission portal for general submission will open on February 8, 2021.

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