Cognitive and Behavioral Practice

Cognitive and Behavioral Practice

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Cognitive and Behavioral Practice is a quarterly international journal that serves an enduring resource for empirically informed methods of clinical practice. Its mission is to bridge the gap between published research and the actual clinical practice of cognitive behavior therapy. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice publishes clinically rich accounts of innovative assessment and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that are clearly grounded in empirical research. A focus on application and implementation of procedures is maintained. Topics are selected to address challenges facing practitioners, both in terms of the process (e.g., therapeutic relationship) and the content of treatment. Articles will reflect both a knowledge of the past research literature as well as the database of clinical experience. Most issues, in addition to regular articles provide either a case conference or special topics within empirically supported clinical practice. Cognitive and Behavioral Case conferences include a number of clinicians responding to a single clinical case vignette. Special series contain multiple manuscripts that center on a particular diagnostic category, population or therapeutic strategy. This journal is for the practicing psychologist, instructors, and researchers with an interest in the clinical application of their findings.

Editor: Nikolaos Kazantzis

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