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Our vision is to highlight the most influential international CBT researchers and clinicians– people who have made a major contribution to research and clinical practice and those who are just becoming known in our organizations. These interviews will serve as a teaching resource and historical capsule. In North America, as we are sure is happening in your country, there is much interest and need to acknowledge under-represented colleagues in terms of gender, sexual orientation, race, and ethnic background.

Keith Dobson

Keith S. Dobson, FCPA, FCAHS, FRSC, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Calgary recounts his early days among some of the field’s greats: Brian Shaw, Tim Beck, Neil Jacobson, Steve Hollon, and Nik Kazantzis and talks about the challenges of bringing what we learn in practice back to the laboratory for further exploration, saying we should aim to improve its bidirectional pulse. He sees the recognition of transdiagnostic approach’s usefulness as a great opportunity for CBT. And he worries about both access to and funding for CBT and its practitioners. He quoted a recent WHO study that pegs mental health spending at 2.1% of an anemic pie; there just aren’t enough practitioners to support demand. Dobson tells a little about his past and volumes about the current and future state of CBT. Enjoy.

Lata McGinn


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