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So, you have an idea to write a grant – now what? The process of grant writing can be daunting for a professional at any stage of their career. Knowing where to search for funding sources, how to write a successful application, and how to handle the grant review process can present several challenges. It can be technically difficult for some, emotionally taxing for others -- and for the majority of researchers, it can be a mixture of both. The end result, however, is quite rewarding: You get to conduct the work you are most passionate about.

Thus, a part of the Research Facilitation Committee’s mission is to bring together a series of sources that aim to make grant writing less intimidating. Whether you are working on your first grant or your fifteenth, the resources collated below intend to accomplish three things: (1) help you locate funding sources, (2) provide models of existing grant applications, and (3) offer insights about grant writing from fellow ABCT professionals. We are so fortunate to have many seasoned, successful grant writers within the ranks of ABCT’s membership and are so excited to share knowledge that leads to even more.




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