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ABCT Convention

ABCT 57th Annual Convention, November 16 – 19, 2023

Cultivating Joy With CBT

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Invited Presentations & Panels

Speakers well-established in their field, or who hold positions of particular importance, share their unique insights and knowledge.

Invited Addresses | Invited Panels | Invited Clinical Grand Rounds

Presidential Panel

Lifetime Achievement Award Talk by Dean Kilpatrick, Ph.D.

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Special Sessions & Poster Sessions

General poster sessions are scheduled throughout the convention and feature discussions between researchers, who display graphic representations of the results of their studies, and interested attendees. Special sessions are scheduled both before and during the convention dates.

Poster Guidelines

Internship Meet & Greet | Postdoctoral Meet & Greet | Getting into Graduate School Meet & Greet

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Ticketed Sessions

Ticketed events offer educational opportunities to enhance knowledge and skills. These events are targeted for attendees with a particular level of expertise (e.g., basic, moderate, and/or advanced). Ticketed sessions require an additional payment.

AMASS | Clinical Intervention Training | Institutes | Master Clinician Seminars | Workshops



Special Interest Group Expo and Meetings

Networking and welcome event highlighting poster presentations from many of ABCT’s 40+ Special Interest Groups . Each SIG selects poster presentations submitted by their members on their topic or population. Speak with young researchers doing the most up-to-the-minute studies.

SIG Expo Poster Instructions

From Our Distinguished Speakers

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