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Anxious Child

The Wall Street Journal and New York Times feature the role of CBT in treating childhood anxiety.

The Wall Street Journal talks to CBT experts Anne Marie Albano, Eli Lebowitz, Andrea Chronis-Tuscano, and Jill Eherenreich-May about the role of parenting in maintaining and treating childhood anxiety. They discuss the role of helping parents reduce problematic behaviors related to their child’s anxiety, while teaching parents to deal with their own feelings.

The full article is available here 

The New York Times highlights CBT as an effective treatment for childhood anxiety. They talk to ABCT member Stephen Whiteside about his metanalysis published in JAMA comparing CBT to medication. “The most helpful form of therapy, Dr. Whiteside said, according to the evidence, is exposure-based cognitive behavioral therapy, which involves helping kids face their fears in a supportive environment.”

Read the full article here

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to hear Anne Marie Albano explain more about childhood social phobias, hear her on YouTube 

And for a list of CBT therapists, see 

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