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Getting Into Graduate School

Getting Into Graduate School
Samantha Mosier provides insights into applying for graduate schools, explaining the differences in PhD and PsyD programs, and giving us a cornucopia of tools and tricks to help you.

Getting More Involved in ABCT

Getting More Involved in ABCT
There are numerous ways that students and early career psychologists can become involved in ABCT.

Convention Information for Students

Convention Information for Students
The annual ABCT convention is certainly not just for established professionals.

Graduate Mentorship Directory

The Graduate Mentorship Directory is intended to provide students with an opportunity to learn which individual ABCT members regularly mentor students in their respective graduate programs.

Is Psy.D. the Degree for You?

ABCT member Dr. Hilary Vidair discusses the path towards and factors to consider when pursuing the Psy.D. degree.

Internship Process

Video discussion about internship events at an ABCT Convention.

Postdocs & Jobs

ABCT has several resources available to help navigate the search for postdoctoral fellowships and jobs.

Administrative Leadership in Psychology

ABCT speaks with Dr. Jeanette Hsu (VA Palo Alto Health Care System), Dr. Simon Rego (Montefiore Medical Center), and Dr. Paula Schnurr (National Center for PTSD) about their administrative leadership roles.

Nominate a Mentor

The ABCT Academic Training and Education Standards committee annually solicits nominations for the “Spotlight on a Mentor” recognition to highlight the diversity of excellent mentors within the membership ranks of ABCT.

Slang Dictionary

A helpful collection of slang and jargon from ABCT and the CBT profession.

Featured Articles for Students

Curated articles from across for students.

The Postbaccalaureate Work Experience Before Mental Health Graduate Training The Postbaccalaureate Work Experience Before Mental Health Graduate Training - This webisode addresses frequently asked questions such as “when is it important to pursue a post-baccalaureate position” and “what type of positions are most appropriate for my career goals?
A Discussion of Mentors A Discussion of Mentors - Andres De Los Reyes discusses mentors from the broadest perspective, with lots of specific examples reinforcing his thrusts.

Featured Mentor

Omid V. Ebrahimi Omid V. Ebrahimi - Omid V. Ebrahimi is a second year double-degree Ph.D. student at the University of Oslo, parallelly engaged in a clinical specialization at Modum Bad Psychiatric Hospital.

Get Involved

There are many opportunities for students to get involved in ABCT. From Special Interest Group participation, to membership, to Annual Convention activities, we have plenty to choose from.

Featured Lab

The Knouse Lab (KNAB), located in the Department of Psychology at the University of Richmond, is directed by Laura E. Knouse, Ph.D. The Knouse Lab (KNAB), located in the Department of Psychology at the University of Richmond, is directed by Laura E. Knouse, Ph.D. - Dr. Knouse partners with undergraduate student researchers to investigate self-regulation problems in people with and without ADHD with a focus on better understanding the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral processes that contribute to effective and ineffective self-regulation and motivation.

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