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Gun Violence Briefing Book


Gun Violence: a briefing book for journalists to help put guns and violence in context and provide an overview of how CBT might help to combat those elements that promote violence and sooth the effects of the trauma witnessed upon others.

There are a number of chapters in this Briefing Book, each of which can be accessed individually by clicking the images below. The entire briefing book can also be accessed by clicking here.

In this briefing book, we discuss:

  • the powerful influence that imitation has and its ramifications
  • community violence
  • the disproportionate effects on LGBTQ+ community, some of which might surprise you
  • suicide and the correlation between successful attempts and easy access to a loaded weapon
  • racial issues
  • weapons effect and how guns draw us in and once drawn in how they then influence our behavior
  • mass shootings

This book also contains additional readings and references for journalists looking for all the facts as well as many resources for those looking for help. You can view the specific chapters of this briefing book below.




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