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Clinical Resources

Clinical Resources
Helpful resources for clinicians to aid in the dissemination of behavioral and cognitive therapies.

Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources
The principles and techniques behind cognitive and behavioral therapies provide a fertile ground for instruction.

Research Resources

Research Resources
Our goal is to connect ABCT membership with research-related resources year-round.

Featured Resources

Resources developed with CBT professionals in mind.

Job Bank

The ABCT Job Bank provides a list of available positions for job seekers and information about how employers can advertise a position.


ABCT makes Podcasts available to visitors of this website to help demonstrate clinical techniques and to illustrate behavioral and cognitive therapies.

ABCT Presidential Addresses

As a service to both members and non-members, ABCT maintains a growing library of videos from several different series for purchase.

Media Tips

Gwilym N. H. Roddick, LCSW, offers some tips on how to talk to the media: everything from what to wear, where to look, and looking good to what to say.

Telepsychology: The Trainee Perspective

A video describing Telepsychology: The Trainee Perspective

Strategies for Effective Telesupervision

A video describing Strategies for Effective Telesupervision.

ABCT Branding Resources

Slides showcasing ABCT, its publications, and the convention.

New & Noteworthy

ABCT news and position statements on current events and issues shaping the world around us.

Sanity with Dr. Jason Duncan Sanity with Dr. Jason Duncan - "Sanity" is a podcast from ABCT Member Dr. Jason Duncan. Tune in for his Sanity x ABCT series, and listen to previous Sanity episodes.
The Eleventh Minute of the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month The Eleventh Minute of the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month - The Eleventh Minute of the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month is solemnly observed
Felicitas Kort Joins ABCT’s Global Thought Leaders Felicitas Kort Joins ABCT’s Global Thought Leaders - ABCT is pleased to highlight Felicitas Kort, Venezuelan Clinical Psychologist, member of the Venezuelan Association for the Advancement for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, and international ABCT member, as a Global Thought Leader.

Featured Professionals

Professionals shaping the CBT profession.

Featured Therapist

Kelsey Hudson Kelsey Hudson - Dr. Kelsey Hudson a Clinical Psychologist who focuses on the intersection of mental health and climate change— particularly regarding young people and climate activists. I completed my PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Vermont in 2019 and my post-doctoral fellowship through the Child Program at Boston University’s Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders (CARD) in 2021.

Featured Researcher

Ana Bridges Ana Bridges - Ana Bridges, PhD, is a Professor, Director of Clinical Training, and licensed psychologist whose research focuses on understanding and ameliorating factors that interfere with mental health help-seeking in historically marginalized and oppressed groups.


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Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide opportunities for open, regular communication among professionals who share an interest in a particular CBT Topic.

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