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Research Resources


A core mission of ABCT is to promote the scientific understanding of behavioral, cognitive, and biological contributors to health and well-being. The Research Facilitation Committee was formed specifically to support this aim. We strive to be a resource for all members, from those conducting research on a regular basis to those more clinically focused who want to be in-the-know on the latest approaches. Our goal is to connect ABCT membership with research-related resources year-round. We achieve this by (1) highlighting the research being conducted by ABCT members through our quarterly Spotlight on Researchers initiative, (2) providing information on relevant funding sources, (3) advancing opportunities for training in research methodology, (4) awarding a student research grant, and (5) sharing research-focused articles from the Behavior Therapist. We also aim to connect members who may work together to develop new research collaborations. We hope you will return to this site again and again as it is updated and becomes a home for all of your research needs!

In This Section

ABCT is constantly evaluating how to best serve the research community. Please take advantage of the growing number of helpful resources for researchers listed below.

Statistical Software & Resources

A list of third party statistical tools and applications for those doing CBT research.

Data Collection Tools

A list of data collection tools and applications that can be helpful for those doing CBT research.

Grant Resources

The process of grant writing can be daunting for a professional at any stage of their career.

Featured Researcher

Ana Bridges Ana Bridges - Ana Bridges, PhD, is a Professor, Director of Clinical Training, and licensed psychologist whose research focuses on understanding and ameliorating factors that interfere with mental health help-seeking in historically marginalized and oppressed groups.
Gabrielle Ilagan Gabrielle Ilagan - We study whether daily fluctuations in invalidation are associated with fluctuations in BPD symptoms, and whether identity-related invalidation and self-validation may serve as a risk and protective factors, respectively, for Black and Latinx people with BPD symptoms.
Shannon Sauer-Zavala Shannon Sauer-Zavala - Shannon Sauer-Zavala is a co-developer of the Unified Protocol and is currently developing and testing a novel treatment for borderline personality disorder – BPD Compass.
Taylor A. Burke Taylor A. Burke - Dr. Taylor A. Burke is a clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. The primary aim of her research is to improve the prediction and prevention of self-injurious thoughts and behaviors (SITBs) among adolescents and young adults.


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