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Global CBT Ambassador Program

ABCT Is Proud to Introduce the Global CBT Ambassador Program

A Project of the World Confederation of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies


Robert L. Leahy, Ph.D., ABCT’s First Global Ambassador

Past President Robert Leahy has graciously agreed to present ABCT’s first Global Ambassador Webinar, “Emotional Schema Therapy: Helping Clients Cope with Difficult Emotions” on Friday, September 15, 11:30 AM– 1:00 PM EDT. Earn 1.5 CE credits.

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Dr. Leahy is being recognized by the Association this year as our 2023 Outstanding Clinician.

Elevating the Reach and Impact of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies Worldwide

Welcome to the Global CBT Ambassador program, a dynamic initiative of the World Confederation of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies. As an international association and the host of the 2026 World Congress, ABCT is proud to participate in this program. Our mission remains aligned with the advancement of cognitive and behavioral therapies (CBT) on a global scale, advocating for mental health, promoting evidence-based treatments, and fostering well-being across the world.


Empowering Expertise and Knowledge-Sharing

The heart of the Global CBT Ambassador program lies in developing and supporting the effective implementation of CBT through education and training. Each year, ABCT will invite a thought leader to present a webinar that shares their expertise and innovations with a worldwide audience.


Enriching Learning Experiences

Our Global CBT Ambassador events offer participants the opportunity to ask questions and earn continuing education credits offered by ABCT.


A Global Exchange of Ideas

The Global CBT Ambassador program extends across borders, disciplines, and languages. These events may be organized as part of local, national, or regional conferences, or as a webinar, enhancing the collaborative spirit of the CBT community. Together, we strive to foster a global exchange of ideas that propel the field forward. To participate in other WCCBT umbrella group programs, please visit:


Empowerment for Positive Change

Global CBT Ambassador events are paid experiences, with proceeds directed toward WCCBT’s objectives. As a collaborative effort, our ambassadors contribute their expertise pro bono, nurturing a community that seeks to create positive change through shared knowledge.


Celebrating Excellence

The impact of our Global CBT Ambassadors goes beyond the event itself. We spotlight these extraordinary individuals and the organizations supporting them on our webpage, ensuring their work is accessible globally. Their contributions serve as inspiration, sparking similar initiatives across the globe. Additionally, the WCCBT promotes and showcases these events, amplifying their influence through various platforms.

Join us in advancing cognitive and behavioral therapies, promoting mental health, and shaping the future of well-being. The Global CBT Ambassador program embodies our dedication to supporting therapists, amplifying their work, and propelling CBT’s global impact. For inquiries and partnership opportunities, reach out to us: [email protected].

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