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Apps for Anxiety

This Medical News Bulletin article reviewed a recent important study on mobile apps aimed to help children with anxiety. The study, published in Behavior Therapy, evaluated 121 apps found in Google Play and the Apple Store. These apps targeted children with anxiety and their families, and were meant to enable families access mental health treatment techniques to help their children. The study found that while most of these apps were free or low-cost, few of them contained evidence-based treatment components, with only 1/5 utilizing any form of exposure, one of the most integral parts of CBT for child anxiety. The author of the article discusses the utility of these apps along with or independent of standard CBT treatment, and also reflects on the challenges facing those teams trying to create these kinds of mental health related apps. With technology becoming an increasingly prevalent aspect of healthcare, it is important to stay up-to-date with these developments and understand how apps such as the ones reviewed in the cited study can help or hinder treatment.

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A copy-right protected version of the article appears in Behavior Therapy; you can read the abstract, or if you or your institution is already a subscriber, see the full article here 

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