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CBT interrupts cycles of poverty, trauma, and incarceration

Program provides CBT to at-risk individuals, with high success rates, keeping participants out of jail, in productive work, and with their families

This is part of a multi-state program, called Roca.  Sometimes it’s just teaching, and reinforcing, how to wait a couple of seconds before reacting to a triggering situation. “The harm reduction and CBT model targets this behavior allowing, over time, for people to build in 8-10 seconds of pause before going into an automatic stress response.”

Elsewhere, the program aims to stabilize mothers, which, in turn, will lead to better outcomes for their children. Dividends include keeping young moms out of trouble, finding them employment, and ultimately leading to improved developmental outcomes for 88% of the children. “Many young moms have been helped and are now working as well as raising young children, breaking out of the cycle of incarceration.”

The two factors that were forefront of the program were “persistence” and “CBT.”

To read the full article in Forbes, see–trauma/?sh=2879beea40b4


What is Cognitive Behavior Therapy?

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