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Digital Drop-In: Discuss How Digital Tools Can Be Leveraged in Mental Health

Discuss How Digital Tools Can Be Leveraged in Mental Health

ABCT and One Mind PsyberGuide have been collaborating on casual and interactive bi-monthly sessions in which we discuss how digital tools can be leveraged in mental health. At the Drop-Ins, we welcome people no matter what brings them to an interest in digital mental health: clinicians who are exploring integrating apps into their practice; people with lived experience who are looking for digital solutions to mental health needs; researchers who are hoping to share their knowledge; and app developers who want to share their product ideas.

Upcoming sessions in February are:

  • Digital Mental Health for the Black Community (2/2/22 at 1p PT)
  • Digital Literacy (2/16/22 at 1p PT)

Upcoming sessions in March are:

  • Using Public Forums and Social Media for Mental Health (3/2/22 at 1p PT)
  • Digital Tools and Women’s Mental Health (3/16/22 at 1p PT)

Sessions are flexible, varied, and relevant. We’ve had conversations around how digital mental health can be of help through current events like COVID and its effect on mental health. We’ve also covered digital mental health resources for specific groups, like LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities.

Whether you need a tool to address what’s keeping you up at night, or if you need a VR solution for a spider-phobic client—we look at how digital tools can be helpful across a broad range of needs.

To register:


To suggest topics, request to be a guest speaker, or wonder out loud email John Bunyi at [email protected]



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