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The ABCS of Coping with Anxiety: Using CBT To Manage Stress And Anxiety

 MSRP: $15.99  Format: Digital, Paperback  Author: James Cowart  Category: Anger and Aggression, Anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disorder / Panic / Phobias / Worry / etc.), Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Depression, Systematic Desensitization  Publisher: Crown House Publishing  Published: 2017  ISBN: 1785831674  ISBN-13: 978-1785831676  Book Site

The book includes a description of four key coping skills that are useful for those who suffer from anxiety and stress. Each skill is thoroughly described in a separate chapter and examples are provided to make it clear how and when to use the skill. In addition to the Introduction there are separate chapters on 1)Acceptance 2)Breathing and relaxing muscle tension 3) Countering unrealistic thinking and 4) Staying with it to face fears. There are also separate chapters on coping with related problems of depression and coping with related problems of anger. Finally, there is a chapter that describes how to put all the coping skills together and use them with everything from daily stressors and common fears and phobias to classic anxiety disorders. This chapter includes case examples and ends with a fill-in-the-blank section that allows the reader to tailor the ABCS to their own use. There is also a note to mental health professionals that describes how to use the book in therapy. The book was published in the UK in July 2017 and in the USA in September 2017.

Editorial Reviews

"The ABCS Of Coping With Anxiety" is a concise, clear, specific and practical user-friendly guide for sufferers of various anxiety issues. The author has combined findings from the best evidence-based outcome research on anxiety treatment with the real-world knowledge that can only be gained from years of actual clinical experience treating anxiety patients. The result is a compact guide to lead the reader through a sequence of four practical steps - The ABCS.

Intended as a self-help guide for those who can not readily access professional help (for any number of reasons), the ABCS approach focuses on the key treatment steps that clinical research evidence has confirmed are necessary, if not essential, for recovery from debilitating anxiety problems. The guide would also prove useful to those searching for the most effective kind of professional help with their anxiety by ensuring that key evidence-based treatment components are effectively covered in sessions with their therapist.

Although symptoms may differ across the anxiety disorders spectrum, the book lays out the core treatment components that have been found to be widely effective. The ABCS approach, however, does also discuss, explain and provide more specific suggestions for dealing with various symptoms as they differ among the anxiety disorders. This helps readers to personalize their coping program to meet their unique needs and circumstances. Having a book like "The ABCS of Coping with Anxiety" available addresses several practical real-life needs facing sufferers of debilitating anxiety. Some sufferers live too far away from professional providers; others can not afford professional help; others may feel too shy or embarrassed to seek help; and others may wish to try to master their anxiety on their own. All can benefit from reading the "The ABCS of Coping with Anxiety".

Galen Alessi, Ph. D., Professor Emeritus, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program and Clinic, Western Michigan University

About the Author(s)

James Cowart

James Cowart is a licensed psychologist, with a Ph. D. in Applied Behavior Analysis from Western Michigan University and an MSW degree from the University of Michigan School of Social Work. As a part of his training at the University...

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