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Convention 2020
"What shaped a lot of my clinical training wasn't so much an advice, but a conversation in a coffee break room with one of my practicum supervisors, Al Gurman. There was an article in a local newspaper about a student who has been in college for 10 years and has taken all of the courses offered by the college, so they were starting to push him to graduate. Al Gurman read it and said out loud something along the lines, "What I want to know is why? Why does he do it?" From this and Al's supervision style, I learned that for every behavior there is a why, or a purpose, something that is reinforcing it, or otherwise, the person would stop doing it. So, I always wonder what is the benefit even for behaviors that seem to be overall so destructive, or just counterproductive."

Contributor: Snezana Urosevic

Bruce Chorpita gives the presidential address at ABCT in Atlanta.

He reflects on how we can better achieve health and wellness through cognitive behavioral science, and articulates a framework of Coordinated Strategic Action as a way to organize people and evidence to make efficient use of our capabilities to meet extraordinary challenges. Make sure to stay to the end, when Bruce discusses "token economies" in which we, our organizations, and our industries operate, to ask what we can do to engineer a society with greater capability of engaging in healthy and therapeutic behavior for ourselves and those around us.

To see the address, visit Bruce Chorpita's presidential address at ABCT in Atlanta



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