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Convention 2019
Resources for Those Affected by Recent Acts of Violence

ABCT's board and staff reacted to the news of the synagogue killings; a race-motivated killing in a supermarket in Kentucky; and the bombs that were mailed to former U.S. presidents, public officials, and media outlets with sadness and horror. Rather than withdrawing, we prefer, instead, to celebrate diversity and nurture ourselves and each other. These recent incidents are stressful for most of us, including our members and the patients we serve. If you, your loved ones, or your patients are struggling in response to these horrific events, remember that you do not have to face this alone; there is help. Start with information, such as the following pamphlets that might be useful in understanding an attack or in dealing with its aftermath:

or you may wish to consult a therapist to help you devise ways to deal with grief, anxiety, or trauma:



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