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Two-Way Bridge Between Research & Practice

The Two-Way Bridge initiative is a collaboration between the Society of Clinical Psychology and the Psychotherapy Division of the APA—(Divisions 12 and 29). It is part of an overall effort to bridge the long-standing gap between psychotherapy research and practice. Specifically, the initiative provides a way for practicing therapists to be a part of the research process by disseminating their clinical experiences in using various empirically supported treatments, which can hopefully inform future research. For the survey findings on the use of empirically supported treatments for panic disorder, social anxiety, and OCD, visit: read more

ABCT is constantly evaluating how to best serve the research community. Please take advantage of the growing number of helpful resources for researchers listed below.

Grant Resources

NIMH Quick Links:

Brain and Behavior Foundation NARSAD Grants

Graduate Student Research Grant

Links to Government Funding Agencies

United States:


Data Collection Tools

Behavioral Coding Systems

Data Collection Software Packages

Experience Sampling Methods

Observational equipment

Psychophysiological equipment

Questionnaire and Interview Resources

Statistical Software & Resources

Statistical Software Packages

Statistical Resources

tBT Articles Related to Professional Development in Research




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