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Am I Addicted? 64 Questions and Answers to Help You Change an Addictive or Semi-Addictive Behavior

 MSRP: $  Format: Digital, Paperback  Author: F. Michler Bishop  Category: Addiction (Alcohol / Drugs / Nicotine / etc.)  Publisher: self  Published: 2019  ISBN: 0578529831  ISBN-13: 978-0578529837

Most people change their addictive behaviors on their own, with very little or no professional help. Am I Addicted is designed to guide you or a loved one in addressing a wide array of addictions, including overdrinking, opioid use, gambling and procrastination. Dr. Bishop uses a lifetime of knowledge and experience, as well as current research and data-driven approaches, to give succinct and easy to follow advice for accelerating and maintaining changes in behavior. The book may also be extremely useful for students, mental health counselors, social workers, psychologists and others who work with people who have addictive or semi-addictive problems.

Editorial Reviews

“Am I Addicted?”;Is a remarkable book. It covers all the important scientific information about addiction that is relevant to an addicted person in a format that is exceptionally inviting and easy to use. If you are stuck and possibly addicted to anything this is the place to go. (see other Amazon review, not by a professional, of course.) (Please also see pre-publication blurbs -- via Amazon's "See Inside" -- from Drs. Linda and Mark Sobell, Steven Hayes, Barbara McCrady, Reid Hester, Bruce Liese, etc.)

About the Author(s)

F. Michler Bishop

F. Michler Bishop, Ph.D. is the Director of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services at the Albert Ellis Institute (AEI), where he worked closely with Dr. Ellis, running groups and workshops. He is the author of Managing Addictions: Cognitive, Emotive and...

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