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Endless Scrolling Right Before Bed


Every night, many individuals fall into the trap of endless scrolling right before bed or “doomscrolling” as some call it.

It can be through social media outlets like facebook, instagram, or twitter or via more traditional news updates of the current pandemic or the state of the Union.

How do we fight the urge, especially right before bed? The director of Together CBT, Amelia Aldao, shared some tips on how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is used to help cut back on ‘doomscrolling’. Some approaches may look like setting a timer to establish boundaries journaling to measure just how much scrolling is done. In addition, staying aware of of your intent and reminding yourself why you are there when you start to wander.

For more information on how CBT therapy can be used to help those caught up in the “doom scrolling” lifestyle see

What is Cognitive Behavior Therapy?

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