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Fighting Stigma

This recent New York Times article discusses Mariah Carey’s recent disclosure regarding her struggles with mental illness. Carey was diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder in 2001, in the midst of an extremely successful career, but kept her mental health struggles a secret until recently because of her fears that stigma would end her career. The last year has seen a wave of celebrities disclosing their personal mental health battles, inspiring others to follow suit in an effort to stomp out the stigma of mental illness. For individuals struggling with bipolar disorder, characterized by extreme mood swings ranging from mania to extreme depression, accurate and timely diagnosis as well as both CBT and psycho-pharmaceutical interventions are critical to best care practices. Disclosures from celebrities like Mariah Carey help to increase awareness and can encourage individuals who are suffering to seek help.

In addition to making an effort to destigmatize mental illness, ABCT also has a “Find a Therapist” page with an extensive list of therapists and their areas of expertise to help those who are beginning the journey toward mental health and wellness.

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What is Cognitive Behavior Therapy?

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