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Maltreatment and Suicide


ABCT member Mitch Prinstein comments on the following article related to the link between childhood abuse and adult suicide.

This article offers a spotlight on the remarkably high rates of suicide among individuals across the world who have experienced physical, sexual, or emotional maltreatment in childhood. Suicide remains an extraordinarily high priority area for psychological research and for treatment development, as few treatment approaches have demonstrated efficacy for reducing future suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Moreover, although researchers have identified a host of distal risk factors that may increase the likelihood of suicidal behavior months or even years later, remarkably little is known regarding the proximal processes that may occur between a stressful experience and an individuals’ consideration or engagement in suicidal behavior. These are important directions for psychological scientists to consider, and exciting areas of inquiry for young scholars who are looking for research topics that need greater attention, with findings that can have maximal impact on saving lives.

For more information about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for suicidal thoughts, read this fact sheet 

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