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Laura Holt is Charles A. Dana Research Associate Professor of Psychology at Trinity College in Hartford.


Meet ABCT’s Featured Lab

Meet ABCT’s Featured Lab


The Holt Lab, located in the Department of Psychology at Trinity College, is directed by Laura Holt, Ph.D.


Trainee Lab Members


Eliza L. Marsh, B.S. (class of 2018)

My primary research interest is studying addictive processes using multi-method approaches, including ecological momentary assessment (EMA), in vivo cue exposure, and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). I am a Clinical Psychology doctoral student at the University of Pittsburgh.


Megan D. McCarthy, B.S. (class of 2019)

I am a Clinical Research Assistant in McLean Hospital’s Stress, Anxiety, and Substance Use Lab and will be starting my Counseling Psychology PhD at University at Albany in the Fall of 2022. I am interested in substance use prevention, education, and intervention, particularly within racial and sexual minorities.


Madelyn Shapiro, B.A. (class of 2022)

My primary research interests lie in addiction and mental health. I recently completed research on college students’ drinking habits and motivations during the pandemic. This fall, I am starting graduate school for my master’s in clinical social work from Boston University in hopes of eventually pursuing a career in psychotherapy.


Angela DeLucia, B.S. (class of 2022)

My primary research interests include substance use, specifically the misuse and diversion of prescription stimulants among individuals with ADHD, and research that focuses on smoking and the use of alternative tobacco products. I am a Research Assistant at the Yale Tobacco Regulatory Science (TCORS) center, exploring tobacco product use, cessation, and regulation. I hope to attend graduate school to get a Ph.D. after gaining more experience!


Alice Verdier, B.S. (class of 2022)

I was initially eager to join Professor Holt’s lab due to my interest in addiction and addiction research, particularly regarding prescription drugs. Since graduating this year, I am working as a Mental Health Worker at New York Presbyterian Westchester Behavioral Health Center, and I am planning on attending graduate school in the future.


Laura Holt, Ph.D.


Dr. Laura Holt is Charles A. Dana Research Associate Professor of Psychology at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Rutgers University, where she obtained specialized training in addictions treatment and research. Dr. Holt continued this work on internship at Yale University School of Medicine and then as a postdoctoral resident at VA Connecticut Healthcare System. She has been on the faculty at her alma matter, Trinity College, for 14 years, where she enjoys mentoring undergraduates and teaching courses in psychopathology, adolescence, community psychology, self-regulation, and addiction.


The Holt Research Lab investigates issues of importance to emerging adults with the goal of informing and disseminating interventions to improve emerging adults’ mental health and well-being. Recently, our lab has focused on the prevention of prescription drug misuse and diversion as part of a clinical trial funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. We also examine etiological determinants of other substance use behaviors, such as nicotine and cannabis vaping, and strategies for helping students change those behaviors. Much of our research is multisite, which allows us to network beyond our campus and to recruit more heterogenous student samples.


How long have you been a member of ABCT? 

I joined ABCT in 2004 as a graduate student.


How often and why do you attend the ABCT convention?

I have attended the ABCT convention off and on for 20 years. The convention has provided outstanding opportunities to network and to stay acquainted with my mentors and colleagues. I always enjoy the breadth of topics/conditions addressed at the convention, as well as the clinical insights shared by presenters.


How do you stay current with developments in the field? 

I use a variety of strategies, including presenting at conferences, attending webinars, reading publications from professional organizations and other media sources, reviewing manuscripts, preparing for my courses, writing up my own research, and following Google Scholar alerts.


How has ABCT helped you/your lab professionally?

One of ABCT’s most valuable resources is the opportunity to join special interest groups (SIGs). I am a member of both the Addictive Behaviors SIG and Clinical Psychology at Liberal Arts Colleges SIG. These groups allow me to network with fellow researchers, teachers, and clinicians to advance my teaching, research, and advising. I also find it inspiring to hear from both the senior researchers and new investigators in these groups.


Does your lab have any traditions? Does your lab do anything together for fun? 

During the pandemic, our lab held outdoor journal club lunches where one member presents an article, and we enjoy a take-out meal.


What advice would you give prospective trainees?

If you are interested in someone’s research, reach out to them to let them know of your interest! Some of my most fruitful collaborations have begun with a simple e-mail inviting someone to participate in a symposium or inquiring about a measure they developed. Presenting at conferences also is a fantastic way to meet folks in the field and to hear, first-hand, future directions we should consider for our research.


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