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the Behavior Therapist Journal Editorial Board

The Behavior Therapist Associate Editors

the Behavior Therapist | Volume 44 (2021)

Editor: Richard LeBeau
Editorial Assistant: Julia Yarrington

Associate Editors

Rae Ann Anderson

Trey Andrews

Shannon Blakey

Lily Brown

Amanda Chue

Najwa Culver

Brian Feinstein

Angela Haeny

Angela Moreland

Samantha Moshier

Amy Murrell

Alayna Park

Jae Puckett

Jennifer Regan

Amy Sewart

Tony Wells

Katherine Young

Lucas Zullo

ABCT President: David Tolin

Executive Director: Mary Jane Eimer

Director of Publications: David Teisler

Managing Editor: Stephanie Schwartz

All items published in the Behavior Therapist, including advertisements, are for the information of our readers, and publication does not imply endorsement by the Association.

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