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Membership Benefits and Services

The Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) is dedicated to the scientific understanding and treatment of psychological problems. Membership in our organization is ideal for those who are committed to the understanding and amelioration of problems of the human condition through the investigation and application of behavioral, cognitive, and other evidence-based principles to assessment, prevention, and treatment.

Several benefits are afforded to our members to facilitate acquisition of professional knowledge and competence in general aspects of the cognitive and behavioral therapies. However, our members also benefit from access to an extraordinarily robust and active Special Interest Community, delving into treatment approaches, populations, and specific disorders.

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Membership Categories and Fees

Membership Level Fee
Full Member $310
Associate $310
New Professional 1 $100
New Professional 2 $160
New Professional 3 $215
Student $84
Post-Baccalaureate $95
Full Member

Open to those who obtained a terminal graduate degree on or before October 31, 2020.  Those eligible must agree with the purposes and objectives of ABCT  and meet the following requirements: (1) are  responsible professionals in good standing of their discipline’s primary organization (e.g., American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the National Association of Social Workers) or possess other acceptable qualifications and experience; and (2) are practicing behavioral and/or cognitive clinicians, engaged in research or other activities pertinent to the development and advancement of behavior and/or cognitive therapy, or are interested in acquiring professional knowledge and competence in some aspect of the behavioral and/or cognitive therapies with a view toward eventual participation.


Open to those who do not meet criteria for Full Membership but whose credentials otherwise are acceptable to the Membership Committee.

New Professional 1

Open to those who obtained, or will obtain, a terminal graduate degree between November 1, 2022 and October 31, 2023.  This includes postdoctoral trainees who earned their degree during this time.  A copy of your diploma or a letter from your advisor confirming your recent graduation must be included. You may mail a photocopy or scan a copy of your diploma and email it as an attachment to [email protected].

New Professional 2

Open to those who obtained a terminal graduate degree between November 1, 2021 and October 31, 2022.  This includes postdoctoral trainees who earned their degree during this time.  A copy of your diploma or a letter from your advisor confirming your recent graduation must be included. You may mail a photocopy or scan a copy of your diploma and email it as an attachment to [email protected].

New Professional 3

Open to those who obtained a terminal graduate degree between November 1, 2020 and October 31, 2021.  This includes postdoctoral trainees who earned their degree during this time.  A copy of your diploma or a letter from your advisor confirming your recent graduation must be included. You may mail a photocopy or scan a copy of your diploma and email it as an attachment to [email protected].


Open who those who are actively enrolled in a program of study leading to a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree, or are interns, and/or who graduate with their degree during the period of time between November 1, 2022 to October 31, 2023.  Postdoctoral trainees do not qualify for student membership and should refer to the New Professional and Full categories to determine which category best matches their terminal degree date. Please send a copy of your current validated student ID to [email protected] after joining/renewing.


Open to all individuals in transition who have graduated with a minimum of a bachelor’s-level degree and are working or volunteering in a mental health facility (community clinic, private practice, school) or academic institution (e.g., psychology department, medical school). Eligible individuals have not completed any graduate-level training and do not plan to begin graduate-level training within the next year.  Membership in this category is not intended for master’s-level professionals and may not exceed 3 years.  A letter from your supervisor stating that you meet these criteria is required. You may email the letter as an attachment to [email protected].


ABCT Membership Benefits


ABCT members receive complimentary online access to our peer-reviewed journals Behavior Therapy and Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, as well as our e-publication the Behavior Therapist, delivered to your in-box 8 times a year (and can also be accessed online).

Behavior Therapy

Behavior Therapy, published six times per year, is devoted to the application of the behavioral and cognitive sciences to the conceptualization, assessment, and treatment of psychopathology and related clinical problems. It is intended for mental health professionals and students from all related disciplines who wish to remain current in these areas and provides a vehicle for scientist-practitioners and clinical scientists to report the results of their original empirical research. Although the major emphasis is placed upon empirical research, methodological and theoretical papers as well as evaluative reviews of the literature will also be published. Controlled single-case designs and clinical replication series are welcome.

Cognitive and Behavioral Practice

Cognitive and Behavioral Practice is a quarterly international journal that serves an enduring resource for empirically informed methods of clinical practice. Its mission is to bridge the gap between published research and the actual clinical practice of cognitive behavior therapy. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice publishes clinically rich accounts of innovative assessment and diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that are clearly grounded in empirical research. This journal is for the practicing psychologist, instructors, and researchers with an interest in the clinical application of their findings.

the Behavior Therapist

An ABCT tradition, the Behavior Therapist has stimulated readers for over 40 years with its high-quality, thought-provoking articles on cognitive and behavioral practice, theory, and research, including humor, reviews, training program overviews, clinical dialogues, and news of the field. A publication devoted to work by seasoned clinicians, researchers, and students alike, often featuring theoretical debates among pioneers of the field, tBT is an excellent educational tool and archive of the field’s evolution. Received by all ABCT members (8 times a year), the Behavior Therapist is ABCT’s most popular publication.

Annual Convention

ABCT hosts an Annual Convention every November, with hundreds of presentations focused on the latest research and clinical developments in the field of CBT. Presentation types include Panel Discussions, Symposia, Clinical Roundtables, Workshops, and more! Nearly all presentations offer continuing education credit, and ABCT members receive a substantially discounted rate for general registration. ABCT members will also receive discounted rates for all ticketed presentations, including Workshops, Master Clinician Seminars, Institutes, and Clinical Intervention Trainings.

The Annual Convention also includes multiple poster sessions with hundreds of student posters. These sessions allow students to share their incredible research with other students and professionals. Other recurring sessions at the Annual Convention aimed at facilitating the future growth and success of student attendees include the Internship Meet and Greet, and the Getting into Graduate School Panel.

You can learn more about the Annual Convention by clicking here.


ABCT members have access to the ABCT Forums, a community designed to facilitate networking, professional development, and CBT-related discussion among like-minded professionals. Popular postings on the ABCT Forums include job and internship opportunities, upcoming educational trainings and events, and clinical referrals and discussion.

We strongly encourage our members to utilize the ABCT Forums, so feel free to jump into an ongoing discussion or get one started!

Awards Program

ABCT has a robust awards program that recognizes all aspects of ABCT members, from students to professionals. There are numerous awards that ABCT members are qualified to apply for, including the Student Travel Award, the Student Research Grant, the Career/Lifetime Achievement Award, and the President’s New Researcher Award.

You can learn more about the ABCT awards program and the specific awards available by clicking here.

Find a Therapist Directory Listing

Professional-level* ABCT members have the option to be listed in our widely utilized Find a Therapist Directory. ABCT members can list the location of their practice, their areas of specialty, their professional bio, and other details that will help connect them with prospective clients. Additionally, members can promote their listing on the directory for an annual fee of $50. This expanded Find a Therapist Directory listing will have a unique style and come first in any searches that capture the member’s listing.

ABCT members have the option of listing their practice on the Find a Therapist Directory when joining or renewing their membership. Members can also join the directory at any point by editing their membership profile and opting in to being listed on the directory.

*Please note that the Find a Therapist Directory Listing is only available for Full and New Professional members of ABCT.

Special Interest Groups

The ABCT community includes an extraordinarily vibrant and active constellation of over 40 Special Interest Groups (SIGs), all of which ABCT members are welcome to join. These SIGs focus on a diverse range of topics, including various treatment approaches, unique populations, and specific disorders. ABCT SIGs are an incredibly valuable resource for the organization and its membership, and they frequently organize presentations within their area of focus that are shared at ABCT’s Annual Convention and throughout the year.

You can learn more about our Special Interest Groups, including their various areas of focus and how to join them, by clicking here.

Committees and Governance

ABCT members are welcome and encouraged to get more involved with the organization by serving on a committee or in our governance! Professional* ABCT members also have the opportunity to share their voice in governance by voting for positions in our annual election.

ABCT has several committees that are open for members to join. These committees cover different aspects of ABCT, from social networking to continuing education. You can learn more about these committees and how to join them by clicking here.

The governance of ABCT is comprised of our Board of Directors, which includes the current ABCT President, the Immediate Past President, the President-Elect, the Secretary-Treasurer, and three Representatives-at-Large. You can access information on the current governance by clicking here.

*Please note that only Full and New Professional ABCT members can vote in the annual election.

Discounted Live and Recorded Webinars

Throughout the calendar year, ABCT continually organizes live webinars that offer professional development and continuing education credit. ABCT members receive a discounted rate for these webinars, as well as a discounted rate for our large collection of recorded webinars (most of which also offer CE credit).

You can view a list of our upcoming live webinars by clicking here.

You can also view a list of our recorded webinars available for purchase by clicking here.

Professional Directories

ABCT members have access to multiple professional directories, including:

Membership Directory

This directory contains the basic contact information of current ABCT members who have opted in to being listed on the directory.

Graduate Mentorship Directory

The Graduate Mentorship Directory is intended to provide students with an opportunity to learn which individual ABCT members regularly mentor students in their respective graduate programs, and how to get in contact with them. This directory is not intended as an exhaustive list of graduate programs; rather, it is a list of ABCT members affiliated with programs in which they are potentially available to serve as a mentor. 

Speakers Bureau

Allows members of the press to find experts willing to speak on topics near and dear to them.  Also open to students who wish to sing CBT’s praises at job fairs, etc.  

Medical Educators Directory

Allows members with experience teaching outside the traditional PsyD and PhD settings to be found by other institutions looking for guidance in teaching CBT to those in other program types (MSW, MD, RN, etc.)


Join ABCT today to become a part of an active part of the CBT community.