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Kristin Hawley

Mentor Spotlight

The ABCT Academic Training and Education Standards committee annually solicits nominations for the “Spotlight on a Mentor” recognition to highlight the diversity of excellent mentors within the membership ranks of ABCT. Its goal is to spotlight promising early-career and well-established mentors across all levels of academic rank, areas of specialization, and types of institution. We asked the four 2022 winners to share some wisdom related to their own influential mentors, their mentorship philosophy, and advice for mentees and aspiring mentors. Learn more below, and you can find more information online: ABCT Mentor Spotlights

Dr. Kristin Hawley is a clinical psychologist, director of the Center for Evidence-Based Youth Mental Health, and associate professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Missouri. She earned her bachelor’s degree from University of Missouri-Columbia, master’s and doctoral degrees from University of California-Los Angeles, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship with San Diego State University, San Diego Children’s Hospital and the Child and Adolescent Services Research Center. She has an active research program encompassing youth mental health services and interventions research and implementation science, specifically the identification of child-, adolescent- and family-focused evidence-based practices and their implementation in a range of community-, school- and clinic-based service settings. She also provides training, consultation, mentorship and supervision to graduate students and professionals, and has a passion for mentorship and training. Her overarching career goal is to make a positive impact through her research and training on access to effective mental health care for underserved youth and families.


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