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Convention 2019

Psychology is one of the most popular majors on many college campuses, and many are interested in a career within the mental health field. ABCT has assembled a variety of helpful resources for students considering clinical psychology as a career option.

1) ABCT Annual Convention
The ABCT Convention has become a very popular resource for students interested in graduate school in clinical psychology. Many prospective doctoral students attend the convention to informally meet prospective graduate school advisors and learn about their most recent research. Each year, the Convention includes several programs designed to help students gain admission into graduate school. The Annual Convention is held in November of each year, a schedule of programming is available online. Convention registration is notably discounted for ABCT Members. Information on membership is available online as well.

2) ABCT Articles
ABCT maintains a very strong commitment to professional development of students.
Accordingly, the ABCT Publication, the Behavior Therapist , frequently publishes articles designed to help students learn about graduate school and the application process. tBT is available for free to ABCT members. Some recent articles include:

3) Other Resources
ABCT is pleased to offer links to a variety of other helpful resources that may be useful to graduate school applicants. Please note that because these links are not developed by ABCT, they are listed are listed below as a resource, but are not necessarily endorsed by the Association.



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