Career/Lifetime Achievement Award | David Barlow

David Barlow

Career/Lifetime Achievement Award

David Barlow Over his career, David Barlow’s name has been synonymous with the development and validation of empirically supported cognitive-behavioral therapies (CBTs). In addition to seminal works characterizing the overall nature and treatment of the anxiety disorders, he has been a central force in demonstrating and disseminating the efficacy of CBT applied either individually or as part of a combined treatment strategy for the anxiety disorders, including, most prominently, studies of CBT for panic disorder. Dr. Barlow has been an especially prolific writer on the current state of the art of psychosocial interventions and how these intervention strategies should be conceptualized relative to other treatment alternatives, training issues, and professional identity. His hundreds of publications span from early work in 1965 with Joseph Cautela to his current in-press publications with his graduate students.

His sustained level of high productivity was marked recently in the 2007 publication of “top producers of scholarly publications in clinical psychology Ph.D. programs.” Dr. Barlow was listed in the top (1st) percentile of this cohort of academics in the United States for this time frame.

Over the last 20 years, Dr. Barlow’s distinguished service to psychology in terms of research and dissemination has been marked by numerous awards, including the Distinguished Scientist Award from the American Psychological Association Division of Clinical Psychology (Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology—Section III), the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award from the APA Society of Clinical Psychology (Division 12), the Distinguished Scientific Award for the Applications of Psychology from the American Psychological Association, the First Annual Science Dissemination Award from the Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology, a Career Contribution Award from the Massachusetts Psychological Association, an Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to Psychology from the Connecticut Psychological Association, a Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award from the California Psychological Association, the 1999 Aaron T. Beck Award from the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, and in 2002 the award for Outstanding Contribution by an Individual for Research Activities from ABCT.

Dr. Barlow’s direct service to ABCT has enjoyed an especially long and productive history. He served as Representative-at-Large from 1975-1977, Chairman of the ad hoc Committee on Reorganization from 1976-1977, President of the organization in 1978-1979, editor of Behavior Therapy from 1983 to 1986, Publications Coordinator in 1988-1991, and most recently as a consultant at the Strategic Planning Committee meetings in 2007. Dr. Barlow is directly responsible for helping shape the careers of many of ABCT’s top achievers, including Anne Marie Albano, Marty Antony, J. Gayle Beck, Michelle Craske, and many others.

In short, Dr. Barlow has been one of ABCT’s top producers in terms of developing, validating, and disseminating treatments, training new professionals, guiding the organization, and shaping the field of CBT.