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Anger Management for Everyone

 MSRP: $17.95  Format: Paperback  Author: Howard Kassinove , Raymond Tafrate  Category: Anger and Aggression, Cognitive Behavior Therapy  Publisher: Impact Publishers  Published: 2009  ISBN: 1886230838  ISBN-13: 978-1886230835

Now, from the authors of Anger Management: The Complete Treatment Guidebook for Practitioners, here at last is a comprehensive program for the rest of us! Kassinove and Tafrate bring their significant expertise and research-based understanding to everyone who is interested in learning to control their anger reactions.

Is your anger:

making others uncomfortable and creating distance in your relationships?

disrupting your ability to think clearly and make good decisions?

resulting in behaviors that you later regret or recall with embarrassment?

Anger Management for Everyone shows you “Seven Proven Ways” to cope with adversity, unfairness, and disappointment so that you can be successfully “put anger in its proper place and live a vital, happy, and upbeat life.”

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