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Mindfulness for Teen Worry

 MSRP: $16.95  Format: Paperback  Author: Jeffrey Bernstein  Category: Adolescents (13-17), Anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disorder / Panic / Phobias / Worry / etc.), Mindfulness  Publisher: New Harbinger Publications, Inc  Published: 2018  ISBN: 162625981X  ISBN-13: 978-1626259812  Book Site

Is your worrying keeping you from reaching your goals? In Mindfulness for Teen Worry, a clinical psychologist offers quick, easy-to-learn mindfulness skills teens can use anytime, anywhere to stop worries from growing and taking over.

Let’s face it—being a teen isn’t easy. And if you’re like a lot of other teens, you probably worry about getting good grades, fitting in with a certain crowd, or what the future will bring after high school. These are all completely normal worries, and signs that you are tuned in to your life and thinking about your goals. But what about chronic worrying—the kind that keeps you up at night, ruminating about that paper you just turned in, or that thing your friend said to you at lunch (what did she mean by that?), and so on. Sometimes worrying isn’t helpful. In fact, it can get in the way of living your life! So, how can you start putting worry in its place before it takes up too much head space?

Mindfulness for Teen Worry will show you how living in the moment will dissolve worry and help you stay grounded in the here and now. You’ll learn powerful and easy-to-use mindfulness skills to manage the four most common worry struggles teens face: school pressure, coping with friendship and relationship problems, improving body image, and handling family conflicts. You’ll discover why you worry and the long-term destructive impacts worry can have on your life. And most importantly, you’ll be introduced to simple, effective techniques to help you become more mindful—like harnessing the power of the breath and how to relax your body in times of stress.

If you struggle with worry or anxiety that gets in the way of being your best, this fun and friendly guide will help you maintain a mindful life in a frenzied world.

Editorial Reviews

“Inspired and inspiring. This gentle and tender gem of a book—which includes numerous easy-to-follow ‘try this!’ exercises specifically designed to tame the ‘reacting brain’—will prove to be an invaluable treasure trove for all teens committed to letting go of their anxiety and worry.”

—Martha Stark, MD, faculty, Harvard Medical School

“Bernstein’s book is an invaluable resource for both teens and parents. He distills complex issues with a sensitivity born of experience, offering sage advice as well as practical exercises, to help ease worry and anxiety during these years of intense change. Superbly researched and deeply insightful, every sentence rings true.”

—Leah Kaminsky, physician; author and winner of the Voss Literary Prize for The Waiting Room

“I am very excited about Jeff Bernstein’s new book, because it fills a critical gap in an area that has been begging for mindful attention. This book is written in a voice that teenagers can easily relate to. ... Mindfulness, as Bernstein points out, is not a panacea, but it is a tool. The mind-body connection that Bernstein discusses in the book is quite important to kids in their formative teen years. As a public school superintendent, I understand that mindfulness can stop the cycle of a worried mind and stressed body by changing how you respond. ... I am looking forward, with eager anticipation, to sharing this book with those who need it most: kids and those who spend lots of time with them. Thank you, Dr. Jeff!”

—Ivan Katz, superintendent of schools for the Fallsburg Central School District in Fallsburg, NY

“Chock-full of practical, helpful, and fun ideas for transforming your relationship with worry now, and for the rest of your life.”

—Christopher Willard, PsyD, author of Mindfulness for Teen Anxiety, and coauthor of Mindfulness for Teen Depression; Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School

“If you are looking for a practical, relatable, and easy-to-read book that will teach your teen how to cope with stress and anxiety, this is it! Bernstein’s latest book is a wonderful and comprehensive new resource for teens that teaches basic mindfulness strategies and shows how they can be applied to various types of common adolescent struggles. As a clinical child psychologist, I will definitely be recommending this book to my anxious teen patients.”

—Stephanie Margolese, PhD, clinical psychologist, and author of Sam’s Big Secret and When Monkey Lost His Smile

“With his easy and accessible tone, Bernstein shares his experiences working with teen clients on how mindfulness has helped them let go of worry and gain inner resources. This book is filled with mindfulness practices specific to the very situations that most often cause teens to worry—school pressures, family relationships, body image, and social dynamics. This is a great book for any teen who has ever worried—or will ever worry. In other words, a great resource for all teens!”

—Karen Bluth, PhD, author of The Self-Compassion Workbook for Teens, and assistant professor at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine

“Mindfulness for Teen Worry provides a treasure trove of mindfulness-based practices to kick worries to the curb. Teens today are managing so much with social media and other pressures, that worrying is a natural and normal response. Bernstein shows teens a positive and healthy way out of worrying. I wish I had this resource myself when I was a teen!”

—Gina M. Biegel, MA, LMFT, psychotherapist; author of The Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens, Be Mindful and Stress Less, and Be Mindful Card Deck for Teens; and founder of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teens (MBSR-T) and Stressed Teens programs

“Our teens are more stressed than ever before. Easy to read, Bernstein’s book gives teens simple, practical tools to transform stress into positive energy. From deep experience with teens, Bernstein offers insight and a path with clear structure using brief exercises in awarenes

About the Author(s)

Jeffrey Bernstein

Jeffrey Bernstein, PhD, is a psychologist with over thirty years’ experience specializing in child, adolescent, couples, and family therapy. He holds a PhD in counseling psychology from the University at Albany, State University of New York, and completed his postdoctoral...

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