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Punishment on Trial: A Resource Guide to Child Discipline

 MSRP: $24.95  Format: Paperback  Author: Ennio Cipani  Category: Adults (18-64), Disruptive Behaviors (Conduct Disorder / Oppositional Defiant Disorder / etc.), Parenting  Publisher: Context Press  Published: 2004  ISBN: 1878978519  ISBN-13: 978-1878978516

In these days of positive reinforcement and the ubiquitous ‘time out,’ is punishment still a valuable tool for disciplining children? And what forms of punishment are effective-or even permissible? This must-have book for professionals, parents, and teachers demystifies the issue of punishment. It offers reliable techniques for altering undesirable behaviors, including a model for the responsible use of punishment. An engaging blend of sound science, clinical experience, and old-fashioned common sense, the book is also an excellent resource for individuals in training for teaching careers.

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