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Experience a wide range benefits with your ABCT membership. Membership is open to all who agree with the purpose of ABCT, are in good professional standing, and who are engaged in clinical work, research, or are aiming to enter the field.

Membership Benefits and Services

Several benefits are afforded to our members to facilitate acquisition of professional knowledge and competence in general aspects of the cognitive and behavioral therapies.

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ABCT members have other opportunities to get more involved, which you can learn about here.

ABCT Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

As a service to its members and to others interested in behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy, ABCT has included helpful website links to SIGs and organizations with similar interests and goals.

ABCT Fellows Status

A Fellowship status is a high honor bestowed by ABCT to distinguished members.

ABCT Awards

The ABCT Awards Program recognizes and salutes individuals for their contributions to the field of behavioral and cognitive therapy and the institutions that have helped to train many of these very people.

CBT Pioneers

CBT is already a mature field, often being the approach someone seeking treatment specifically names, and a young enough field to still have many of the first influential thinkers, researchers, and practitioners among us.

ABCT Ambassador and Student Ambassador Programs

The ABCT Ambassador and Student Ambassador programs are designed to advance participation, membership and identity with the association at the local level.

World Congress Committee Constitution

Promoting human well-being and to reduce human suffering through the development and dissemination of evidence-based psychological interventions grounded in the behavioral and cognitive sciences.

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ABCT provides numerous opportunities to get involved. Whether you want to participate in a Special Interest Group, or join a committee, we have plenty of options.