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Things Might Go Terribly, Horribly Wrong: A Guide to Life Liberated from Anxiety

 MSRP: $11.53  Format: Paperback  Author: Kelly Wilson  Category: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Adults (18-64), Anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disorder / Panic / Phobias / Worry / etc.), Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness  Publisher: New Harbinger Publications, Inc.  Published: 2010  ISBN: 1572247118  ISBN-13: 978-1572247116  Book Site

What if you don`t need to get rid of anxiety in order to live a terrific life? Things Might Go Terribly, Horribly Wrong approaches this breakaway hypothesis through the mechanisms of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and presents a series of thinking points and short games readers can do to easily and effectively begin to incorporate ACT techniques into their lives. This book is not a full-scale self-help approach for someone with serious anxiety problems, but an easy way for readers who have wrestled with worry, fear, and shyness to put those feelings into perspective and focus instead on what they want to do in life. This book will help readers foster the flexibility they need to keep from succumbing to the avoidant forces of anxiety and open themselves to the often uncomfortable complexities and possibilities of life.

Editorial Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Things Might Go Terribly, Horribly, Wrong...For Other Self-Help Books on Anxiety!, June 19, 2011, on By Simon A. Rego - See all my reviews This review is from: Things Might Go Terribly, Horribly Wrong: A Guide to Life Liberated from Anxiety (Paperback) I`d like to start by saying that I am NOT, in any way: (a) indebted to Kelly Wilson or Troy Dufrene, (b) financially tied to this book, or (c) an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ("ACT") fanatic. To be honest, I am NOT even one to write reviews for Amazon (this is my first). To lay my cards on the table, however, I AM: (a) a clinical psychologist, (b) invested in CBT (which some may view as close enough to ACT to be biased), and (c) acquainted with Kelly Wilson.

With all of this as background, I want to say that this is the BEST self-help book I`ve read in the past HALF-DECADE!

I read a lot of self-help books - so that I always have good book recommendations for my patients to use as "bibliotherapy" during our work together and for my own personal growth - but after a while, many start to sound the same. This one is different. First, it explains anxiety, and the ACT approach to dealing with it, in a simple, straightforward manner, that can be easily digested. Second, although stemming from ACT theory, it does not try to bring too much theory into the book - readers can get that in other ACT-themed books which are listed at the end in a references section - and instead focuses on different techniques to sharpen the reader`s skills understanding and then implementing the various facets of ACT.

It`s a great read for people with anxiety and/or people wanting an introduction to ACT. Yes, Dr. Wilson takes a little `jab` at CBT on it, but I can live with that, and have already recommended it to several of my CBT patients, almost all of whom: (a) laugh at the title and then (b) find value in the book. I`ve also suggested it to many of the residents and interns to whom I supervise and teach CBT at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, New York and would think it may make a nice resource for those teaching an introduction to ACT. You don`t have to take my word for it though - just read the other reviews on this site. And besides, for basically the price of a movie ticket in NYC, things won`t go terribly, horribly wrong if you take a chance on it - or then again, I suppose they might...!

Enjoy! Simon A. Rego, PsyD, ABPP, ACT Board Certified, Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology Fellow, American Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology Diplomate and Fellow, Academy of Cognitive Therapy Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Director, Psychology Training Director, Cognitive Behavior Therapy Program Montefiore Medical Center

About the Author(s)

Kelly Wilson

Dr. Kelly G. Wilson, is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Mississippi and Science Director for, a public charity engaged in science for the public good. Dr. Wilson was awarded the Elsie M. Hood Teaching in...

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