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Understanding emetephobia

Sometimes the things that scare us are so far removed, so long ago, so remote, we can't remember when was the last time. And so it can be for the Fear of Vomiting, or emetephobia. Some people have spent so long, and been so successful at, avoiding vomiting that they couldn't tell you the last time they actually did it. But the fear is so strong as to control one's life, restricting the kinds, or amounts, of food or avoiding those things, like roller coasters or airplanes, that might trigger queasiness. Schmuel Fischler has strategies to share, as well as putting emetephobia in context.

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One of the little corners of OCD that afflicts some people is this need to be precise in one or more ways, whether it's prayer (was I earnest enough?) or conversation (did I give enough credit to my assistant, without whom none of this would have been possible?) or the grocery store. Scrupulosity is yet another way OCD attempts to exercise control, although, try as we might, it's never quite enough.

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