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Help for Substance Abuse
Helping Those Suffering From Substance Abuse Recover

Cory Newman details some of the ways that therapists might help those suffering from substance abuse recover. Therapists first need to know where the user in his, or her, recovery and tailor treatment to fit that stage. He suggests that CBT can be combined with other approaches for maximum effects, combining self-help skills taught be CBT with pharmacology to reduce craving and adding a touch of 12-step support. The CBT aspects include teaching coping skills to replace a reliance on self-medication; avoiding high-risk situations; and removing maladaptive thoughts and behaviors. For more on this wonderfully detailed plan, see: Substance Misuseread more



The submission portal for the general sessions Call for Papers is now open. Below is the access link to start your submission. More information about the convention and how to submit abstracts will be on ABCT's website, The deadline for submissions is 11:59 PM, ET Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

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