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Stephen Schueller, PhD
University of California, Irvine
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Australian National University

Webinar: Using Technology to Enhance CBT Treatments: Advice for Practitioners

  • Strategies for identifying and evaluating eHealth and mHealth technologies
  • Practical concerns including understanding data security and privacy, using technology to support treatment, and documenting the use of technology in clinical notes
  • Evolving regulatory landscape
  • Clinical integration of technologies, including working technology into one’s workflow, introduction technologies into clinical care, using technologies in support of a treatment plan, reviewing data collected through these resources, and documenting the use of technologies in clinical records. Emerging technologies in the behavioral and mental health space
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ABCT weighs in on the effects on children of being separated from their parents

Members consulted the literature on this, and posted results from the literature. Needless to say, the findings don't paint pretty pictures. Studies included refugees in Christmas Island, survivors of natural disaster in Australia, left behind children in China, and more.

Detention is not good for children; children in detention handle it better if with their parents; Chinese children left behind as their migrant parents work fair worse than children who accompany their migrant parents even though the living conditions are tougher; foster care, when parents are alive, is sometimes a source of confusion.

Problems are detailed in our posting, with full coverage here

Coming to DC?

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WCBCT2019 Berlin

Call for Papers has gone out and registration is open.

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