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Blissful Sleep

This article in US News highlights CBT-I - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. While some jump to medication for treating insomnia, CBT is actually the first line treatment for sleep problems, as the benefits of treatment continue past the end of therapy, while medication only work when an individual is taking it. ABCT member Michael Perlis explains that the treatment has four components: sleep restriction, stimulus control, sleep hygiene, and cognitive therapy. Often it’s counterintuitive, too, like with sleep restriction. One might think that if you can’t sleep you should stay in bed for longer. But actually experts say it’s important to match your sleep opportunity, or how long you’re in bed, with how long you’re able to sleep, and then gradually work on increasing sleep time.

Read the article here

Of the problems that the article lays out is access - finding a therapist who uses CBT-I can be a challenge. To that end, however, ABCT's find a therapist directory can help. To search for a therapist, click here

For a fact sheet on insomnia, click here

You can hear a recorded webinar about CBT-I here




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