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FOR ME, LIKE SO MANY OF YOU, ABCT is one of my most treasured professional homes. Indeed, I think of the Annual Convention as akin to my "CBT family reunion" and spend months looking forward to connecting with new colleagues, and seeing old friends, every year. For many years, I thought of the elected leaders of the organization as "others," some rarefied CBT deities with magical leadership powers. However, over time—as I interacted with them more, and as friends and colleagues ascended into those roles—I realized that those individuals are not some qualitatively different type of human but, indeed, are just "us"—but the "us" from among the membership who have chosen to step forward and make a public commitment to give their time, energy, and effort to this organization that we value so dearly (OK, arguably some may actually have magical leadership powers, but that is definitely not a prerequisite).

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