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Condemning Violence Against People of Asian Descent

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Condemning Violence Against Asians in North America

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Staff woke up to the news that another Asian hate crime occurred, this time in our backyard in NYC. To many of us, we are living in a time we do not understand or recognize. The continued violence and intolerance of people who are different from us must stop. The leadership of ABCT is saddened and frustrated that these senseless crimes continue at the expense of our fellow citizens in the US and Canada. As mental health professionals, grounded in science, we again suggest that our members look at our resources that encourage potential clients to embrace empathy and find other channels to direct their anger in other ways in a changing world.

We can’t fix hate or bigotry, but we have resources that might help you deal its aftershocks.

And, for those who wish to find a CBT Therapist, please visit Find a CBT Therapist


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