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The Graduate Mentorship Directory is intended to provide students with an opportunity to learn which individual ABCT members regularly mentor students in their respective graduate programs. The history of psychology, and especially the history of the cognitive and behavioral therapies, is one of lineage and relationships, where professionals trace their lineage back three or four generations. This directory is not intended as an exhaustive list of graduate programs; rather it is a list of ABCT members affiliated with programs in which they are potentially available to serve as a mentor.

ABCT's Academic Training and Education Standards Committee makes the Mentorship Directory open for viewing to all, whether a member or not. To search the Mentorship Directory, click on "Search Mentorship Directory".

To post your availability in a graduate mentoring capacity, click on "Join/Update Mentorship Directory". You'll need to enter your name and ABCT Number to post or edit the entry.

Please note that this list is offered as a service to all potential graduate students who are interested in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) graduate training and is not exhaustive. The directory includes CBT educators who have agreed to be listed as potential graduate mentors. This list is provided for reference purposes only and ABCT has not evaluated or otherwise screened the mentors or their graduate training programs, and inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement by ABCT of any particular training program or professional nor whether the statements made are accurate. ABTC disclaims all liability of any kind relating to the information contained on this list and is not responsible for the timeliness or completeness of, or any errors or omissions in, such information. Users of the directory assume full responsibility for obtaining such information as they warrant necessary for making their own informed decisions.


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