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Awards Committee

ABCT Awards & Recognition Committee


  • Sara Elkins

Committee Members

  • Amanda Baker
  • Abby Braitmen
  • Jackie Bullis
  • Tony Ecker
  • Angela Fang
  • Martha Falkenstein
  • Todd Farchione
  • Skye Fitzpatrick
  • Jennifer Gamarra
  • Cassidy Gutner
  • Anne Donnelly
  • Diana Rancourt
  • Carla Rash
  • Lillian Rueman
  • Julie Ryan
  • Stephen Schueller
  • Christian Webb
  • Hillary Weingarden

Please forward your suggestions to the committee chair Sara Elkins, at [email protected]

About ABCT Awards

The ABCT Awards Program recognizes and salutes individuals for their contributions to the field of behavioral and cognitive therapy and the institutions that have helped to train many of these very people.

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