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Awards Committee

ABCT Awards & Recognition Committee


  • Sara Elkins

Committee Members

  • Amanda Baker
  • Abby Braitmen
  • Jackie Bullis
  • Tony Ecker
  • Angela Fang
  • Martha Falkenstein
  • Todd Farchione
  • Skye Fitzpatrick
  • Jennifer Gamarra
  • Cassidy Gutner
  • Anne Donnelly
  • Diana Rancourt
  • Carla Rash
  • Lillian Rueman
  • Julie Ryan
  • Stephen Schueller
  • Christian Webb
  • Hillary Weingarden

Please forward your suggestions to the committee chair Sara Elkins, at [email protected]

About ABCT Awards

The ABCT Awards Program recognizes and salutes individuals for their contributions to the field of behavioral and cognitive therapy and the institutions that have helped to train many of these very people.

Career/Lifetime Achievement

Awarded to members of ABCT in good standing who have made significant contributions over a number of years to cognitive and/or behavior therapy.

Outstanding Contribution by an Individual for Clinical Activities

Awarded to members of ABCT in good standing who have provided significant contributions to clinical work in cognitive and/or behavioral modalities. (This award alternates with the Outstanding Researcher Award and the Outstanding Education/Training Award)

Outstanding Contribution by an Individual for Educational/Training Activities

Awarded to members of ABCT in good standing who have provided significant contributions toward educating and training behavior therapists. (This award alternates with the Outstanding Clinician Award and the Outstanding Researcher Award)

Sobell Innovative Addictions Research Award

Renowned addiction researchers Drs. Mark and Linda Sobell have generously sponsored the Sobell Innovative Addictions Research Award. This award will be given in alternate years to an ABCT member who has developed a novel and innovative (1) line of research or (2) assessment or analytic tool or method that advances the understanding and/or treatment of addictions. This award emphasizes behavioral and/or cognitive research or research methods that have yielded exceptional breakthroughs in knowledge.

Mid-Career Innovator

Eligible candidates are members of ABCT in good standing who are at the associate professor level or equivalent midcareer level, and who have made significant innovative contributions to clinical practice or research on cognitive and/or behavioral modalities. (This award alternates with the Outstanding Clinician Award, the Outstanding Education/Training Award, and the Outstanding Researcher Award).

Outstanding Mentor

Awarded to members of ABCT in good standing who have encouraged the clinical and/or academic and professional excellence of psychology graduate students, interns, postdocs, and/or residents. Outstanding mentors are considered those who have provided exceptional guidance to students through leadership, advisement and activities aimed at providing opportunities for professional development, networking and future growth. Appropriate nominators are current or past students of the mentor. (This Award Rotates with Outstanding Training Program Award)

Distinguished Friend to Behavior Therapy

Eligible candidates for this award should NOT be members of ABCT, but are individuals who have promoted the mission of cognitive and/or behavioral work outside of our organization.

Michael J. Kozak Critical Inquiry and Analytical Thinking Award

“Clarity of writing reflects clarity of thinking.” This statement reflects the overarching goal that Michael J. Kozak sought to achieve himself and that he vigorously encouraged others to reach as well. His penchant for critical inquiry cut across contexts: whether in providing cognitive-behavioral treatment itself, offering supervision of treatment, in scientific inquiry and writing, or in advising investigators about how to put their grant applications in the best possible position for success. Accordingly, recipients of this award should embody this same spirit in their own work. Awarded in alternate years

The Francis Cecil Sumner Excellence Award

The purpose of the award is to acknowledge and promote the excellence in research of an ABCT student or early career professional who is Black or Indigenous. This statement reflects the underrepresentation of Black and Indigenous scholars in academia along with the overarching goal of ABCT to support its student and early career professionals of color.

Champions Program

This award recognizes outstanding individuals who are not members of ABCT but who have shown exceptional dedication, influence, and social impact through the promotion of evidence-based interventions and who have thereby advanced the mission of ABCT.

Visit our Champions page for full details on how to nominate and for a full listing of champions

Student Dissertation Awards

  • Virginia A. Roswell Student Dissertation Award
  • Leonard Krasner Student Dissertation Award
  • John R. Z. Abela Student Dissertation Award

Each award will be given to one student based on his/her doctoral dissertation proposal. The research should be relevant to behavior therapy. Accompanying this honor will be a monetary award (see above) to be used in support of research (e.g., to pay participants, to purchase testing equipment) and/or to facilitate travel to the ABCT convention. Eligible candidates for this award should be student members who have already had their dissertation proposal approved and are investigating an area of direct relevance to behavior therapy, broadly defined. A student’s dissertation mentor may complete the nomination. Self-nominations are also accepted. Nominations must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the dissertation advisor.

Outstanding Service to ABCT

This award is presented to a person who has actively demonstrated exceptional dedication, persistence, excellence, and rigor regarding the association’s operation and activities.

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