Psychologists take questions you ask, or figured you would ask if you were, and offer succinct answers in an effort to help you understand what ails you, why things are the way they are, and, sometimes, what might be done. All of it with a decidedly Behavioral and/or Cognitive bent.

Where Does Anxiety Come From?

Anne Marie Albano, who has made a career of studying and treating kids with anxiety, talks about how anxiety comes about, in the big picture, and how it can be treated, right where it matters, with you. She says that anxiety evolved to protect us, the "flight or fight" response, which is instinctual, and perfectly natural. Problems can happen when more recent parts of the brain, the parts that think, start looking at the same kinds of things but see danger that's not there. Luckily, the same parts that let us think also let us develop treatments, like CBT, that are highly effective.

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Got Germs?

Germs are Good; Germs are bad; Jon Abramowitz explains... watch video

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How many is too many? Let's check.

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"Mommy, I don't want to go to school...."

'My kid usually loves to go to school. But this school year, my nine-year-old son has been dragging his feet on the way to the bus stop. He has gone to the school nurse's office seven times saying he doesn't feel well, and wanting me to pick him up, but our physician thinks he's healthy. He is extra-clingy on Sunday nights. This has all been going on for two months. What can I do?'

For one answer, see Anne Marie Albano explain school refusal read more


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