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Trauma (PTSD / Child Abuse / Intimate Partner Violence / etc.)

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Race-Based Traumatic Stress

The effects of a cancer diagnosis and treatment may be especially upsetting for people diagnosed as adolescents and young adults.

Confronting Bad Behavior Is Not New

As the leadership and staff of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, we are shocked and saddened by the attack on the US Capitol and on American Democracy.


Todas las personas experimentan estrés en sus vidas, pero cuando un evento o una serie de eventos son excepcionalmente estresantes, se llama trauma o una experiencia traumática.

El Asalto Sexual

La agresión sexual es un crimen que se ha convertido en un problema epidémico y puede ser un evento extremadamente estresante y aterrador que puede alterar severamente el estilo de vida del sobreviviente.

Estrés Postraumático

La mayoría de las personas experimentan eventos estresantes, pero cuando el evento es excepcionalmente estresante puede ser llamado trauma o experiencia traumática.

Uso y Abuso de Drogas

Cuando hablamos de drogas, nos referimos a aquellas sustancias que afectan nuestro cerebro y, por lo tanto, nuestro comportamiento.

Suicide Briefing Book

Suicide Briefing Book: A resource for the media and lay people looking to better understand, write about, or talk about suicide.

Trastornos de Ansiedad

La ansiedad es una emoción normal y una experiencia común, y representa unas de las emociones humanas más fundamentales.


Everyone experiences stress in their lives, but when an event or series of events is exceptionally stressful, it is called a trauma or traumatic experience.


Understanding who is at risk for suicide involves understanding the complex factors among individual differences, long-term risk factors, and short-term risk factors

Sexual Assault

Anyone — men, women, and even children — can be sexually assaulted.

Panic Disorder

In panic disorder, the panic attacks are “false” alarms, because the feeling of the alarm occurs even though there is no real danger.

Military Veterans Mental Health

Though military personnel and veterans can experience the full range of mental health conditions, research suggests they are more likely to be diagnosed with mood and anxiety disorders, including depression, panic, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as well as anger-related disorders.

Intimate Partner Violence

Increasing attention has been devoted to intimate partner violence by the general public, government agencies, and mental health professionals over the past 50 years.


Crime is frequent, increasing, and truly democratic; it affects Americans regardless of sex, race, and age.

Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse (CSA) involves sexual contact between a child and an adult, an older youth (e.g., four or more years older), or any person perceived as having greater power or authority.

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