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Kelsey Hudson

Dr. Kelsey Hudson a Clinical Psychologist who focuses on the intersection of mental health and climate change— particularly regarding young people and climate activists. I completed my PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Vermont in 2019 and my post-doctoral fellowship through the Child Program at Boston University’s Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders (CARD) in 2021.

Acknowledging Maui

Our thoughts and deepest condolences go out to the families and friends of those affected by this unimaginable loss and the aftermath they are now experiencing.

The Business of Serving Anxious Americans

A recent Wall Street Journal article discussed the industries aiming to fill a need for relief from anxiety. They point to various pills, some regulated and others not, gummies, CBD products, as well as wearables.

Self-Talk and CBT

Vocal Media’s recent article, “Is It Normal to Talk to Yourself?” discusses both the benefits and harms of self-talk.

Jeff Cohen

Dr. Jeff Cohen (he/him) is a clinical psychologist who provides cognitive behavior therapy to adolescents, adults, and couples at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Dr. Cohen offers psychotherapy in both the Manhattan (Columbus Circle) and Westchester locations of Columbia Doctors.

Renee Zweig

Patients come to me because they want to feel better and to change unhealthy patterns.


El envejecimiento nos impacta a todos- esto incluye nuestras propias experiencias con la an-cianidad junto con aquella de nuestra familia y amigos.

The EMPOWER Lab “Engaging Minorities in Prevention, Outreach, Wellness, Education, & Research” is directed by Isha W. Metzger, PhD at Georgia State University.

Black youth are more likely to experience potentially traumatic stressors including abuse, neglect, racial trauma, and discrimination. The research of the EMPOWER Lab is aimed at preventing engagement in risky behaviors as well as understanding risk and resilience factors that impact the relation between trauma exposure and problematic outcomes.

Treating Race-Based Traumatic Stress

If you are dealing with the psychological wounds of racism, therapy, especially cognitive behavioral therapy, can teach you strategies to settle your body, reduce unhelpful thinking patterns, and intervene in systems that impinge on your mental health and wellness.

Binge Eating Disorder

LGBTQ+ individuals may be more susceptible to developing eating disorders because of minority stress and gender dysphoria

10th World Congress Abstract Submissions

There is still time to submit abstracts for Open Papers, Symposia, Half-Day In-Congress Workshops, Panel Debates, Clinical Round Tables and Posters, but the deadline is fast approaching: February 12, 2023.

Sleep Disturbances and COVID

CBT is an evidenced-based treatment that can help alleviate symptoms of insomnia and other sleep disturbances

Heartbroken and Angry

We reaffirm our commitment as an organization to provide resources to those struggling from the impact of gun violence and loss.

Hannah Levy

Hannah Levy is a staff psychologist at the Anxiety Disorders Center at the Institute of Living/Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut.

How We Clutter

A person’s beliefs and emotions may lead to cluttered spaces.

Family Caregiving

Family Caregiving: most caregivers live longer than individuals who are not involved in providing care to another person

Noah Clyman

Noah Clyman is the founder and director of the group practice, “NYC Cognitive Therapy,” located in Herald Square Manhattan.  It is the first CBT center that places particular emphasis on diversity.

Gun Violence Briefing Book

Gun Violence: a briefing book for journalists to help put guns and violence in context and provide an overview of how CBT might help to combat those elements that promote violence and sooth the effects of the trauma witnessed upon others.

Kelsey Pritchard

Pritchard’s dissertation, “Interpersonal Emotion Regulation in Mood Disorders: Contextual, Biological, and Social Processes,” is a series of projects aimed to advance our understanding of intra- and interpersonal emotion regulation by examining biological and behavioral processes as mechanisms in affective change, emotional disorder risk, and negative interpersonal outcomes.

Christine Cha

Christine Cha is an Associate Professor (effective Fall 2021) in the Clinical Psychology Program at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she directs the Laboratory for Clinical and Developmental Studies (LCDS). Her research program aims to refine our understanding of suicide and self-injury among youth.

Race-Based Traumatic Stress

The effects of race-based traumatic stress are similar to other forms of trauma and adversity. Additionally, the toll from these experiences is cumulative.


Tode el mundo experimenta estrés. El estrés puede ser ocasionado por diversas causas: actividades diarias, relaciones entre personas, cambios en la vida, enfermedades, e inclusive, eventos divertidos.


Una fobia se defina como un miedo y/o una evitación de un objeto, actividad, o situación que el individuo sabe que es fuera de proporción al peligro actual que el objeto, actividad o situación posee.

Confronting Bad Behavior Is Not New

As the leadership and staff of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, we are shocked and saddened by the attack on the US Capitol and on American Democracy.

Time Out

Written by ABCT members Camilo Ortiz, Anne Marie Albano, Mitch Prinstein, Regine Galanti, Dan Hoffman, Tim Cavell, and Hillary Vidair, it dispels several myths about effective, evidence based discipline.

Maltreatment and Suicide

ABCT member Mitch Prinstein comments on the following article related to the link between childhood abuse and adult suicide.

Why Worry?

exposing worry’s deceit: Percentage of untrue worries in generalized anxiety disorder treatment

Coming Out of Hermithood

It is the year of the locust (ok, the cicada) who have been underground for 17 years waiting to emerge. And, for some of us, that’s how it might feel as we begin to encounter people beyond the confines of our house and Zoom.

COVID for Kids

experts suggest that people should pay attention to their ideas, their feelings, and their actions when dealing with situations.

Here are some things for kids to consider.


Todas las personas experimentan estrés en sus vidas, pero cuando un evento o una serie de eventos son excepcionalmente estresantes, se llama trauma o una experiencia traumática.

el Suicidio

Aunque los hombres son más propensos a morir por suicidio, las mujeres son más propensas a intentar suicidarse.

El Asalto Sexual

La agresión sexual es un crimen que se ha convertido en un problema epidémico y puede ser un evento extremadamente estresante y aterrador que puede alterar severamente el estilo de vida del sobreviviente.

Estrés Postraumático

La mayoría de las personas experimentan eventos estresantes, pero cuando el evento es excepcionalmente estresante puede ser llamado trauma o experiencia traumática.

Trastorno Obsesivo-Comulsivo

Una vez considerado como un problema relativamente raro, el trastorno obsesivo-compulsivo (TOC) es ahora conocido como una forma de trastorno mental común y frecuentemente debilitante.

Duelo Complicado

Experimentar la muerte de un ser amado es uno de los eventos más dolorosos de la vida.

Uso y Abuso de Drogas

Cuando hablamos de drogas, nos referimos a aquellas sustancias que afectan nuestro cerebro y, por lo tanto, nuestro comportamiento.

la Depresión

La depresión es un problema psicológico común, es experimentado por muchas personas en algún momento durante sus vidas.

Suicide Briefing Book

Suicide Briefing Book: A resource for the media and lay people looking to better understand, write about, or talk about suicide.

Trastornos de Ansiedad

La ansiedad es una emoción normal y una experiencia común, y representa unas de las emociones humanas más fundamentales.


Tomar bebidas alcohólicas ha sido prevalente en muchas sociedades a lo largo de historia.

Suicidio Adolescente

En las encuestas a estudiantes de la escuela secundaria, 8% a 10% reportan haber hecho un intento de suicidio.


early everyone worries at some time, and it is normal that worry increases when problems or dangers exist, or when a person faces something new or unknown.

What to Expect From Therapy

In general terms, psychotherapy is a relationship in which one person enlists the professional assistance of another for the purpose of bringing about changes in his or her own feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and/or behavior.


Unemployment can be associated with increases in depression and anxiety, trouble sleeping, decreased life-satisfaction, problems with alcohol abuse, and changes in physical well-being.


Trichotillomania, also known as hair pulling disorder (HPD), is a psychiatric illness affecting up to 4% of the population.


Everyone experiences stress in their lives, but when an event or series of events is exceptionally stressful, it is called a trauma or traumatic experience.

Tobacco Dependence

Much is known about the habit, including the fact that many of the facts which apply to smoking apply also to other forms of tobacco use, such as chewing tobacco, pipes, cigars, and snuff.


Understanding who is at risk for suicide involves understanding the complex factors among individual differences, long-term risk factors, and short-term risk factors


Stress can come from anywhere: day-to-day activities, relationships, work, life changes, illness, even from fun events.

Shyness, Social Anxiety Disorder, and Social Phobia

It is that all-toofamiliar feeling of discomfort, tension, or anxiety that a person may experience when he or she has to interact with other people, or when he or she faces the prospect of doing something in front of others.

Sexual Assault

Anyone — men, women, and even children — can be sexually assaulted.

Selective Mutism

Selective Mutism (SM) is an anxiety disorder in which a child or adolescent fails to speak in specific social situations or to specific people (e.g., school, birthday parties, or to familiar adults), despite being able to speak in other situations and to other people (e.g., home, parents, or to peers).


Schizophrenia is a major mental illness which affects approximately 1 out of 100 in the world’s population.

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